Victor Hugo the best of Parisian heroes

Victor Hugo´s tomb at the Pantheon in Paris e-bike tour paris by martin
The Pantheon – Victor Hugo´s tomb

Victor Hugo, an iconic writer and a politician being. Adopted by Parisians as one of their own. The crowds around France and the world respected him. He was giving the example first in many matters and then talking. He had a remarkable moral authority for the public. A stunning valid interlocutor that saved tons of patrimony. Paris owe him immeasurably. The profile of one of the biggest Parisian heroes that rest in the Pantheon forever.

You can visit Victor Hugo´s house and the Pantheon on your own.

Victor Hugo more famous than Lady Gaga?

What is the difference between beauty and aesthetics? Basically, aesthetics cannot go or survive through the test of time. Further, it belongs to a certain limited period of time. Then, after than time is out of use, “ugly” non-relevant. Beauty, remains! Indeed, what a great one to define Victors Hugo work. Considered beauty on his time and after him. Almost untouchable to time.

Victor Hugo Notre Dame of Paris Cuasimodo hunchback
Victor Hugo – Notre Dame of Paris

In brief, a beautiful definition. I owe that one to my art teacher Monica. I carry with me her teachings everywhere I go for ever.

Victor Hugo, the Parisian hero, left this world in May 1885. More than 1.2 million people went out to street to say goodbye. In a word, a farewell to this great man. Furthermore, to celebrate his life and legacy.

In 1998, France won the Football world cup for the first time. Celebrated in our own country, France! Hence, the milestone in French sport history. Despite all the media modern technics invested, marketing efforts, merchandising and other unprecedented resources to communicate and deliver the news to the world. Less people went out to the streets to celebrate than the amount of souls that were there to honor Victor Hugo.

Some media talked that the world cup crowds celebrations reached almost reach 1 million. Not even close to Victor Hugo´s funeral crowds. Wi no media, with no smoke nor lights. Just man with values.

We can set just as an example. We may like Lady Gaga´s work a lot today, not sure if it will be appreciated in 100 years. Maybe, aesthetically framed in our times only for acceptance. But Victor Hugo has achieved centuries already. The more the time goes, the most his work gains appreciation and R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Thanks Aretha also for your contribution)!

Victor Hugo´s foot prints in Paris

Victor Hugo´s path can teach us and help us to understand a big deal of Paris. He is one of those key doors that opens to enlightenment of what Paris is today.

He still lives in Notre Dame, in the Arenas of Lutetia. Also, in some of the greatest novels ever and in many other things that constitutes our Parisian life. That is another story…Quasimodo waits for you and many other characters.

the key of Paris with Paris by Martin tours victor hugo
The key of Paris

Find Victor Hugo in Paris

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