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Maybe it is the first time you visit Paris or maybe you have visited plenty of times. So, either way, you should ask yourself honestly. In a word, Do I really know Paris? The best local personal tour guide in Paris is the way to go! This is “Us & Concept” section for you to bring to you our values. To show you why people choose us and what is it about us.

We are your key to Paris…

Paris by Martin offers the best local personal guided experiences / tours. Moreover, we would like to accompany you and help you to travel through the Parisian history in a super fun way. In brief, to be a main character of it. To experience the city in many different ways.

Many have tried to discover what Paris is, with more or less success. But we aim to unlock the secrets and flavors that make this magical city: rich in many aspects, magnificent and absolutely real.  

We are the Paris you are looking for…

Paris by Martin local personal tours
Paris by Martin best local personal tours in Paris

This marvelous city, sometimes is not easily appreciated. At least by and for those who are not ready to observe and take a good time to do so. If you are ready, let us join you and turn you into a “Parisian beast”! Our clients-friends at the best out there. Even on their own, after our tours. We say: Go tigers!

To get the best version of Paris, is what Paris has to offer just for you and no one else. Is to build up your own relationship with the city. That is what we do!

WITH YOUR BEST PERSONAL GUIDE IN PARIS: Paris every step, history can be so fun…

We will tell you Paris through historic forgotten characters of Paris. Anecdotes, love stories, scams and scandals that have left their traces in common French expressions.

Those that seem to be senseless nowadays. The secrets, myths and realities that hides the Parisian architecture. That thin line that splits fiction and reality. When it comes to the most famous novels dedicated to Paris and much more.

We will take a journey through different historical periods. History can be fun too! Moreover, bringing to you, the city to life in every step. Also, every monument, every corner, every secret spot. The “city of lights” is a city filled with stories. Some of them are well kept secrets, stories with charm to be revealed.

Discover also a side to Paris unknown to most…even locals.

Paris tours: do it well from scratch even if you are a rookie

Paris by Martin tell you the city history also through the most well-known monuments. Because they also hide incredible stories. Also, those places unknown to most. Even to Parisians. Those are in our list too!

Highlights and off the beaten path from scratch is the way to go. Even for Paris beginners! Do it well from the start! Save tons of time, trips and budget when discovering Paris.

MOST MEMORABLE, FUN, CREATIVE TOUR IN PARIS: experience the flavors of the city of lights – foodies are welcome!

Paris is worth being experienced and lived. The city be will appreciated in many different ways because Paris is not only just astonishingly beautiful visually.

We are FOODIES and we love Foodies! Paris can be found also in the aroma of good coffee, in an old-fashion hot chocolate recipe, in a crunchy baguette.

More, in a tasty mature cheese, in a glass of good wine, in a freshly baked bread. Why not is the complexity of the best macarons with their risky unprecedented flavor combinations. The subtlety of the finest patisserie and so many more things.

History, food, architecture, attractions, pastry, art, music and so many more things accessible to you. The things we love to enjoy and to share. Restaurant, bars, local brasseries and bistros. Baguettes, croissants, macarons, coffee, tea, crepes, onion soup, steak fries, cheese, wine, boutiques, design, decoration, souvenirs…This list is endless!


Join us on your first day in the city. We will open the city in perspective like never before. Paris by Martin will give you the best tips to take the best of the city during the rest of you stay.  

If you cannot come the first day, come the second, or later. Our concept is much more than a tour a it is a life-time* concept.

100% independent family biz

We are a little company, just friends doing what we love in a city that we love, and willing to share that feeling with you all. Our new friends/clients as well as our usual, regular customers. That is our “thing” and we would love to keep it that way 100% so that we can offer you the most personalized human experience / service possible.

Very limited human resources by choice and we are all the time out there in order to help you out, building your own version of Paris up. Also, to give you something forever that you can use, keep and use for ever when coming back to Paris on your own, every single time.

Paris by Martin tours: always by the owners*

Remember that we do not hire guides (except in cases of extreme force majeure). It is pretty much always by the owners here. We do not want to be regular guys, doing tours like everyone else does in the city.

In this beautiful company you will find musicians, photographers, artists, consultants… And we do not want at all to become a “guide”. We are in a completely different league.

We have chosen not to grow, at least not that much. The choice is to keep this always in a human scale and a as pure independent family biz. With the best quality in the whole city. We do not for the money, we go for the GLORY! Leaving a hall of famer print in the history of the city. Hence, to become a part of it.

Unprecedented tours concept: life-time concept*

We have decided to keep our concept evolving. On and on. No tour or guide in the city are willing to take it as far as we do. At least, in terms of a quality and service details. That makes a big difference.

There are maybe more talented guides in the world. But no one work as hard than us in order to make people happy in Paris! That is for sure.

It is an experience for all ages.  You will be always welcomed and we will be always available for you in case you need us during the rest of your stay in the city. Also, during your future visits. Advice will also be available for your friends coming to Paris. You will be part of a life-time* concept. A part of Martin´s world club/community of friends.

Check our Instagram account (follow us) for pictures. You can also go to our Facebook page (follow us). Videos are available in our YouTube Channel (subscribe). If you want, you can to download our brochure. You can also check our tours and reserve.

Welcome to Paris by Martin, your friend in Paris, your Key to Paris, the Paris you are looking for!

Paris by Martin owner Martin

I am dreamer by nature. A storyteller and a history, food, music, design, photography, antiques, art, sport …lover. I love making new friends and sharing my findings about Paris and its hidden stories, after years of research and digging alongside historians and passionate friends. My goal is to make people happy and turn them into “Parisian beasts”. “My guys are the best out there”, at being great on getting the best of Paris also on their own after our tours concept. Giving something useful, memorable that lasts and that people can take with them forever, are the key values of this project. This is Paris by Martin and we are the Paris you are looking for!

PS: I am a big fan of NCAA sports. Mostly Basketball. I have lots of t-shirts. Bring your favorite NCAA team t-shirt “M” size and I will be proud to use it in Paris often and all year long.

Claudia is an independent entrepreneur and collaborates with Paris By Martin. She is a talented photographer, she is a passionate for restaurants, wine, art and many more things. She is all about looking for perfection and meaningful details. There is nothing she cannot find and whatever she touches, I know there will be a better outcome. Her own print can be seen all over our experiences. Lastly but not less important, she is a top-notch friend.