The Sun King : most exceptional ruler

The most remarkable monarch in the history of France is, without doubts Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Sun King exceptional gardens history
The Sun King exceptional gardens

He was so ambitious that he conquered many territories. Also, he was worried about his homeless handicap soldiers in Paris. Therefore, he decided to build up the “Hôtel des Invalides” (a hospital for disable soldiers).

He was so concerned about his public image. Then he designed his own propaganda as the “Sun King”. Consequently, illuminating Europe with his knowledge and culture together with iconic characters such as Moliere and La Fontaine.

He felt so short that he invented for himself some kind of high heels to be taller. Then, he forbade their use for the rest of mortals. He was the tallest!

A conquests king, a culture king, a fashion king. Was not the Sun King the best king ever in the history of France?

The Sun King monarch and the Hotel of Invalides

hotel of Invalides Sun King Louis XIV exceptional monarch
Hotel des Invalides – Sun King e-bike tour

The story tells that Louis XIV found himself walking around Paris with his royal guards. Then, he found plenty of homeless handicap veteran soldiers of his army. Hi shock was instantaneous. How this could happen under the most exceptional reign? Not, under his all mighty and shining sovereignty.

So, right away he ordered the construction of Hotel des Invalides (Building for Handicap People = Hospital). He wanted a place for them to sleep. Where they can have also food and get healed of their wounds of war.

At this point, we have to clarify that the “hotel” word in the old French means building. Thus, does not mean “a hotel” as we know nowadays. Accordingly, private property hotels were called “Hotel Particuliers” for instance. Furthermore, Hotel de Ville is not “the hotel of the city”. Is the building of the city (City Hall). Further, Hotel de Police means and meant police station. Not a hotel for policemen. Maybe a sort of bad quality hotel for criminals. HA!

The “unprecedented” Versailles, the Sun King master piece?

the Sun King the most exceptional gardens of history chateau de versailles
The Sun King – Versailles Gardens

Really? Precedented or unprecedented. Just an act of jealousy? Loads of anecdotes, secrets and charming edge stories about the legacy of the most extraordinary ruler in the history of France: Louis XIV. “The Sun King”.

You want to know more about Invalides, Versailles? How this majesty is related to the first restaurant (and running nowadays) ever opened in Paris and many more fun details? Allows us to build up and bring back this amazing character in human history to you.

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