The history of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path

The alternative “Thou Shalt Not Call a Pig […]” Napoleon Bonaparte tale

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten track. Some facts and other fun anecdotes details. Among a lot of wise and non-wise things, Bonaparte once said: “There are so many laws, that no one is safe from hanging”.

The history of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path
Bonaparte´s facts

He believed that the best way to manage any government is to produce as many laws as he could. Therefore no one was sure, if what they were about to do, was against the law or not. A very clear Machiavellian way of doing things.

And no sooner said (maybe revealing the real little purpose of all this mess), than done he dictated the law that prohibited people naming their pigs after him.

In the other side of the canal, at his most classic enemy´s land, things were quite the opposite. In England since then, most of pigs were named, Napoleon.

Time passed by and no one ever changed nor deleted that law in France. That would be still technically illegal. But nowadays you are not going to be in serious trouble if you break that one. This is part of the alternative story of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Besides Napoleon Bonaparte edge story, how about a Coco Chanel?

side B history
Side B tales

As well as Napoleon Bonaparte, Coco Chanel had huge impact in Paris history. In fact, the whole world has witnessed her print. She has also an off the beaten path side of her own tale.

Long trousers were not an option for ladies until WWII. In fact, they were forbidden. Pants come from the Celtic culture (about 2600 years ago). Although historians think the name comes from a doctor and Martyr called St Pataleon from Venice on the 4th century.

Amelia Bloomer was then the first woman that tried to make trousers accessible for women.

In fact, we owe the widespread use of pants for ladies, to the only and unique Coco Chanel. Not Napoleon Bonaparte in this matter.

The use of trousers for ladies, had a shy beginning towards the war period, but only for work purposes. It was not until Coco Chanel, that pants were consider as a fashion accessory. It was then, widespread to al social classes. Later became a basic, must have item in ladies´ wardrobes.

More fun peculiar side B tales?

The History of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path
Napoleon´s pig

Do you want to know how special is the city of Paris? Do you want to know those fun anecdotes that show those charming secrets? In Paris, coquetry could be more important than the all mighty law book itself. Do you want to know more about this?

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