Original boutiques in Paris: a local case with Paris by Martin

The case of “Tombées du Camion” store

This is a city where you can find big design stores, but also cute little boutiques. Those are my favorite Shops in Paris. This is where the concept, is the key factor. “Tombées du Camion” is a shop in Montmartre, where the objects have high sentimental value, but little monetary value. Experiencing a case of a local authenticity with Paris by Martin.

local concept boutique item Paris by Martin local
local concept boutique items – Paris by Martin

You can find there forgotten things, accessories, jewelry, toys, threads, medicine bottles. Also remaining stocks of “new things” from old factories, that were never sold.

This is an original store that hides secrets and allows its visitors to discover new (old) stories. Exactly what Paris by Martin does.

Join us in order to explore some more of those very special spots in Paris.

Where you could find this concept shop?

Just in case you want to check them out on your own: Tombées du Camion, 17 Joseph de Maistre, 75018, Paris.

Check their website before you pay them a visit, cause their spots can change. They also have other places. Go to: Tombées du Camion.

How do we start with our Paris little local authentic shops exploration?

Paris is changing constantly. The local and international contexts affect the city dynamics. However, Paris remain Paris, as well as their different neighborhoods.

The best advice we can give is to avoid main streets. That is where most tourists´ traps are. Overpaying for bad quality is never a good deal. Maybe 90% of the shop you find in main avenues are touristic. Therefore, non-local, non-authentic, non-original Shops in Paris.

The key is to be curious and to “get lost”. Follow your feelings. If you like a street or you find an open door into a court yard, go for it! That is how you find treasures.

How Paris by Martin can help you in these and other matters?

We are much more than a tour company. We are that friend you will need in a foreign city. Of course, most of companies in Paris sell “we are you friend” but we are maybe the only ones that can prove it.

Our main goal in life is to do something we love. Also, and mainly to make people happy, make new friends and turn you all into Parisian “beasts”.

Our guys are the best out there. We love to see you out there being just fantastic on your own, after your tour with us. Riding the city, building you own relationship with this town.

Paris by Martin – A life time concept*

This is, what is all about for us. Not just giving a tour. Is giving you something you can carry and you can use the rest of your life. Is also of being part of something bigger.

We will be always there* (Check our policies*). Whenever you come back. Check our concept page, our tours, and reserve.