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Best Baguettes Paris – 18th neighbourhood “the Mecca” for Baguettes?

November 28, 2012  |  Advice of the week


November, 2012

Best Baguettes Paris

Is the 18th neighbourhood “the Mecca” for Baguettes?


Best baguettes Paris – Paris by Martin (illustration: Vanesa Galiano)

Every year the city of Paris held a biggest bakers contest for the best baguette of the year. Hundreds of Boulangeries (bakeries) take part for an award of 4,000 euros and to become the official baguette supplier to the Elysée Palace (the house of the French president) with a daily delivery of 15 baguettes. This year (2012) , the 18th edition of this contest gathered 168 bakers . 124 participants reached the weight and length criteria in their baguettes to compete (between 55cm and 65cm long, and must weigh between 250g and 300g). The jury is composed of six volunteers, bakers (including the winner of last year’s title), food industry professionals and journalists. They judged on taste, aroma and appearance. Last year´s edition (2011) was won by Pascal Barillon’s Au Levain d’Antan, If you want this year best baguette look for Sébastien Mauvieux of the Boulangerie Mauvieux (159 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris) On the 18th edition the 18th neighbourhood wins for the 3rd consecutive time and the 5th time in 6 years. It is another Parisian riddle and a strong trace to look for the best baguettes to come in future editions. Join us in Paris by Martin to try some of the best baguettes in town and a lot more!

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