The glowing little brother of the “Sun King” (Louis XIV)

August 6, 2012  |  Story of the month

August, 2012. 

Did you know that the portraits of the royal family (with Luis XIII, Anne of Austria, the young heritor King Luis XIV and a mysterious little girl), back in 1600 (“The three musketeers” time), hide an incredible secret?

It was maybe, one of the best kept secrets in the kingdom for a long time. That mysterious little girl, in fact was not a girl. The royal couple wanted to have a girl at that time that destiny did not provided that luck. Denying this reality the royal couple raised, dressed and treat, Louis XIV younger brother, the duke of Orleans, like a girl. This will allowed the birth of a chick, glamorous, beautiful character and icon that was loved by crowds and therefore named “The king of Paris”. Even Louis XIV was regularly jealous about his beautiful, glamorous, glowing younger brother…the Duke of Orleans.

Other jealous reactions of Louis XIV (The Sun King) allowed and materialized the most legendary palace ever but that….that is another story.

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