Tap water in Paris safe to drink?

November 28, 2012  |  Story of the month

“The running water of Paris worth drinking a good tea”

October, 2012 


Tap water in Paris Safe? Paris by Martin

Tap water in Paris Safe? Paris by Martin

Is tap water in Paris safe to drink? It is a general accepted fact: Tap water in Paris has very special qualities. It is also commonly accepted that we talk about very good water. Water is one the main characters of the Parisian history…  many historic floods (one of them turned Paris into Venice), the left bank swamps forgotten after medieval times, part or entire iconic buildings floating since the XIX century and thousands of incredible stories connected to the most popular drink in the world.

Paris keeps a few natural water sources in some specific spots along the city. Some of them are witnesses of hundreds of visitors passing by without being noticed. They are accessible to general public. Among this universe of stories, spoken by a few, kept almost as a secret state affaire…It is said that everyday in the Embassy of Great Britain someone is sent out to get some water from one of this accessible but unknown sources nearby. Of course! The best tea deserves the best water we can get! Join us to know more about these stories!

Paris by Martin tells you the secret stories behind the Parisian historic scene. 

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