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Please visit our Tours page. If you would like to check some behind the scenes photo’s, check our (follow us) Instagram account (@parisbymartin) and our Facebook page (follow us too). Also, we have a video to explain some more about our Walking Tours (also accessible by our QR code displayed on the left) and another one for Electric Bike Tours (subscribe to our YouTube channel). Looking forward to meet you in Paris! We are your key to Paris, the Paris you are looking for! We are Paris by Martin! Best, Martin

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PLEASE make sure you have written your e-mail correctly otherwise you will never get the reply from us.
This is maybe the most important information in order to be capable of joining you to assist you, advice you, help you during your stay. PLEASE MAKE SURE, you inform the cell phone you are going to use in Paris and make your that phone has rooming and data/internet available during your stay in Paris.
Knowing this information in advance may allow us to be able to bring to you some special details of Paris related to the history of your country during our tours, that you may appreciate (If you are from USA Martin loves NCAA basketball, he has a great collection of M size t-shirts. He will be glad to have one from your college. If you come from CANADA, he loves the Blue Jays).

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Where do you stay in Paris? (if not decided yet just write "not yet" or just "for the day"). This is KEY information for us in order to contact and assist you during your stay if needed. A working CELL PHONE with data/internet in Paris, has proven to be a "life-saver" for many clients in order to be assisted. WHATSAPP is the best way to contact us during your stay for advice / assistance. Please do not use WhatsApp as a regular basis to confirm reservations. JUST last-minute requests, when it comes to reservations. We will inform the MEETING POINT by email during the process of reservation and/or right after confirming your reservation and/or closer to the date of your tour.

IMPORTANT: according to our past experiences, this is a key information to help you out in case of need.
IMPORTANT: according to our past experiences, this is a key information to help you out in case of need.
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This field will be always Paris. Sometimes people reserve hotels just outside Paris in that case, please describe which city with its ZIP Code in the next field.
Paris zip code is 75000. Paris has 20 areas or neighborhoods. If you are in the 19th area your zip code will be 75019.

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Here you can choose among some additionals / options, at an extra charge (for private tours only). Please read carefully to click on the option that match your type of tour. If you want to choose multiple options please describe in your message. IMPORTANT: the night version is always in terms of time schedule. You have to consider that in summer and spring the sunset could be even after 10pm.

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