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The extension and detail of this text of: policies, terms and conditions, aims to contemplate, consider, limit, extinguish… all possibilities of having those trouble situations that we have suffered as a company in all these years since we exist as an organization (situation of speculations, malicious actions, non-considerate and non-respectful individuals, etc.), deviating our attention for a limited time from what it matters the most to us: the time, detail and quality we dedicate to our clients/friends.

This text allow us to earn/gain precious time (cause we are such a small company with such a limited amount of resources that produces extremely quality-detail-services – this is our everyday choice since the beginning), stating and imposing the acceptance of very clear rules and procedures from the very beginning of the reservation process, in order to focus exclusively in clients (in how we make them happy and in maintaining the highest level of detail and service of the city of Paris has when it comes to tours/services/tourism).

Our reputation, reliability, credibility, business trajectory in all these years with no exception (despite challenging situations), as the best tour/service/concept in tourism in the city of Paris, shows that, our clients are our only interest. We may have rates a few more euros, dollars, etc. than the other companies but we provide far away much much more than every single one of them.

We choose not to do big tours, we choose to work much more harder than any other company in Paris for you, we chose to go with fewer people, with fewer amount of tours, we choose to be the best on what we do, ONLY in your own interest, we choose to leave our foot prints in Paris history, we choose to make friends, to share, to give,  we choose to create Parisian beasts to make them the best travelers walking out there on their own too, we choose glory…”,  Martin.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

All services must be reserved at least 24hs before the wished date and time for your service/tour. After that period, we could accept reservations according and subject to our availability and criteria. In that case, for last minute requests, please call to the phones published/informed below. There are no exceptions for these conditions described below, (in this terms policies and conditions section), even for last minute requests.

paris by martin tours

The requirements to confirm your reservation:

1-CONTACT INFORMATION IN PARIS – to provide full information of your hotel or apartment in Paris including the surname and/or surnames which you are registered-in that place, and at least 1 cell phone working in Paris with data (internet service), that allows you to receive and make: calls, text messages, WhatsApps, e-mails, use Google maps, etc; 

2-ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: – How do you accept our conditions? The fact of sending an e-mail requesting an option/tour/service and/or date and/or time schedule after sending to you, from our part, and e-mail or text message or WhatsApp or phone call/voice message or automatic confirmation by a system and/or software/platform authorized/integrated by our company, expressing our availability in any way, it means that you accept that you have read and accepted previously what it is stated and described in this full text (policies and conditions).

The act of requesting availability or giving it to you, implies that you are aware of our rules, conditions and policies published at www.parisbymartin.com. You also accept that you have previously read, understand and accept our conditions and policies previously when sending a web site reservation request form. Is your own/exclusive responsibility if you read them or not and if you communicate them to your reservation participants.

In case of conflict and/or contradiction between what is stated in our website against of what is stated in our emails with you, our emails first and then SMS/WhatsApp will be considered the main most relevant legal elements over the website to be used and shown in court if somehow, for a certain situation, we get to that point.

On a regular basis, e-mails are most relevant element of proof when having a conflict with clients but SMS, WhatsApp can be complementary legal elements considered as proofs. We, all the parts, agree and accept this.

3-PARTIAL/ FULL PAYMENT: making a partial or full payment of chosen services with Paris by Martin -Martin Muda EI-, according to the company criteria for every particular case (you must confirm the amount with Paris by Martin -Martin Muda EI- before sending the payment, if you send a payment without asking and checking cannot be considered as a full-filled condition, therefore you have not confirmed your reservation, not full-filled this requirement).

The “family business” rule

When you choose Paris by Martin & Friends (Martin Muda EI), you are choosing a family business, with all that a family business entails.

For Martin, family is a priority. A family business allows Martin to get to know his clients better and to offer them a more personal and tailored service. On the other hand, the business can impact Martin’s family and/or Martin’s family can impact the business.

For example, Martin will be/is a parent and by rule of this company, at the time of booking you are accepting for you and all participants of your booking that Martin may cancel his service, tour, performance etc. even at the last minute. This can happen due to unforeseen family or personal circumstances, etc.

In case this happens, Martin will refund the amount you have paid in full, including fees and commissions that exist according to the chosen payment method. For example: Paypal fees, etc. On the other hand, in this type of situation, you will not be able to make any claim, nor publish comments, reviews, ratings, of any type and/or format (oral, written, on-line, etc).

At this time, and in particular, Martin will be a father for the month of December. In addition, he has responsibilities as a husband and father during the pregnancy period. These obligations will increase from September 2022 until March 2023 or/and on, so the chances of cancellation due to “family business rule” will be somewhat higher than in the normal period.

The good manners & consideration

Paris by Martin works hard to make sure you get the best out of Paris. There are plenty of service details involved and extras, many of them not visible at simple sight. Please, do not take for granted the level of sacrifice Paris by Martin invests in the experiences. Then, one of the values most appreciated by Paris by Martin is consideration. Of course that this is also a transaction of a service for money, but there are conditions that you accept at the time of booking.

This way of doing things has allowed us to build a great reputation on-line and off-line. If you, for any reason make a comment/review with a grade lower than the maximum possible grade in any format or mode as well as any gesture of inconsideration, our company will not be obliged to provide bonuses / extras / service details, etc, that we normally provide with joy.  If you not are not capable of acknowledging these explicit or non-explicit gestures of consideration and generosity towards you, before, during and after your tour or service, our company will be also limiting the consideration towards you immediately.

Any inconsiderate and/or rude gesture will also send you and your reservation participants straight to our “black list” and you (all) will never be able to access our services again. This list can be shared with our colleagues from other tour companies.

Remember that what our service implies is much more than what you pay for them. Please, recommend, be his ambassador and contribute with reviews and comments.

While many people mainly recommend Martin via “word of mouth”, which is our favorite way of getting new clients, very few people take the 2-5 minutes to write a review. Those 2 minutes are not even 5% of the extra time/ extra efforts that Paris by Martin gives away to you on each service as gratuities. Only the extra time, such as making your custom map of Paris, is just 1 extra of the many you will get from Paris by Martin. Please, be considerate. You won´t find our type of service elsewhere. Not in Paris, not anywhere in the world.

Additional Comments

Not accepting in part and/or in all, these conditions, mean that your spots are not guaranteed and that we will not wait for you at the meeting point. If you show up without having a confirmed reservation means that you accept from that moment all these conditions but is not compulsory for us to accept you for/in a service/reservation/tour. Paris by Martin (Martin Muda EI) reserves the right to choose to do the tour or not for you and/or include you in the on-going service/tour.

If we agree to do a service for you, we will ask written acceptance of our conditions (SMS to +33620597357 and/or email to martinandfriendstours@gmail.com) or any other request according to our criteria to prove you showed up and your participation. It is your exclusive responsibility, to search and get the information on your own, in order to get to the meeting point on time for your tour/service.

If you do not reach the spot according to the present rules you will lose the full amount of your reservation (this means that if you did a partial payment you agree to paid the remainder amount to reach the full amount) and also lose your service/tour of course.

If you are late and you lose key part of our tour, such us map, map explanation, introduction, etc. You will not be able (nor your reservation participants) to do any comment and/or review in any format and/or way about our company and/or staff and/or whatever related to all.

Using other means to resquest a reservation besides our website form

If you send a reservation form and our company replies to you by text message (SMS), MMS, Whatsapp or any other means. You agree that all these means, forms, formats of communication will be taken into account as legal evidence in case of breach of our policies and conditions by you and/or by the participants of your reservation. If you contact us directly by any of these means or others, in order to request a reservation, they will also be considered legal and formal evidence.

The day of your tour  

If you are late for your tour or you have troubles to find the meeting point, please give us a call to +33620597357 or +33613932316 immediately. If we are not picking up the phone in one of these phones, try the other one and please leave messages every time when trying to contact us to improve our chances reach you and in order to trace your communications and to prove that you have tried to reach us and the reasons of your contact.

These actions will help us to assist/help you to reach us on the meeting point. A lost call with no message, it will not be considered as a notice because it does not express the situation that you want to communicate.

Wrong meeting point?

If you, part or all of the participants of your reservation for any reason reach the wrong meeting point, this means that you will lose your reservation and the money you paid for it. If you have not paid in full for your tour at the time of going to the wrong meeting point, you are still obliged to pay the full amount of your reservation.

Special attention to the reported zip code of the meeting point when using systems and / or applications such as Google Maps, Uber, etc. Failure to do so may include taking you to other places with the same number and street, but in another city, in the outskirts of Paris or other.

Changing the type of tour on the day of the tour?

In the event that you have booked a private bike tour and for whatever reason (weather, feeling of insecurity, inability to drive the bike, comfort, etc.), you wish to change to the walking mode of service, the change can be made. On the other hand, the original price of your reservation will not change because the company has invested time in preparing the bicycles, etc. For this reason and others, you will not be able to request any kind of refund, either total or partial. This benefit of changing from bike tour to walking tour is a benefit that is included in your private bike tour rate. In the opposite case, if you wish to change from a private walking tour to a bike tour, you will have to pay an additional fee for the bike(s) and this will imply additional time for bike preparation, different meeting point, etc. That time will be taken from your service time so you will not be able to demand extra time for the change.

For shared group tours, changes can only be made when the group unanimously decides to do so, but above all at the guide’s discretion. In any case the change from walking tour to bike tour implies an additional cost. Otherwise, the change from bike tour to walking tour does not imply a refund.

Cancellations & reimbursements

You can cancel up to one week prior to the tour at no charge*. After that period, and up to 72hs before your tour, you will be charged 50%* of the total amount of your reservation (or reimbursement of 50%* of your reservation if you have prepaid the whole reservation).

Changing your tour / date / hour penalty fees

If you want to change your date / tour within a 48 hours period from the start of your tour service, you can do it paying a fee (per person on shared group tours) and subject to availability. If this is your case check with our reservation service.

For shared (group tours) availability means that the is another tour of the same type in the dates and time to wish to get changed. If there is no availability, you can choose momentarily to be set on “waiting list” and on hold to wait if the confirmation of the change is possible. You will also have the possibility to opt to pay a fee also for an “upgrade” or a “down-grade” if your type of tour allows to do so and therefore not losing your reservation.

Changing your date / tour, prior to that 48 hours period will be subject to availability at no extra cost. If there is no availability, the cancellation policy will be applied.

Some particular examples:

if some of your reservation participants cancel in advance (partial cancellation), we will apply the same cancellation policy for the proportion that is been cancelled. This means if there are 2 participants cancelling in a reservation of 4 within one week from the date and time scheduled-start of the tour, we will reimburse you 50%* of those 2 places, if you have pre-paid in full OR, we will charge you 50% of those 2 spots of the amount to complete their portion of the rate according to the policy.

Were a small company and in order to guarantee your spots we refuse other reservations that we cannot recover later on.

Cancelling after that period of 72hs, and/or not showing up (no-show), and/or showing up partially (part of the group: means you pay for the rest of the group no showing-up cause we lose those spots) and/or being late more than 30 minutes and/or refusing to start and/or continue the service at some point, means that we have the right to charge you 100% of the total amount of your reservation with no exception.

IMPORTANT 1: *reimbursements in all cases and circumstances, do not include fees, commissions and costs of independent entities such us: banks, credit cards, PayPal, payment platforms, etc. (which ARE NOT reimbursable at all and it is beyond our possibilities to manage them).

IMPORTANT 2: * you agree that for cancellation requests (taking in account the moment you request to cancel and/or for reservations/services to be rendered for these following described months of high season), on the months of March, April, May, June, July, August, September, December, a 20 euros cancellation additional fee/cost could be added, due to the volume of reservations and cancellations, that our little structure has to manage (this fees/cost will be taken from your 100%*, 50%* reimbursement, if it is the case).

You accept as per our terms, that all the reimbursements given in regular, normal conditions/contexts will be immediate* (*IF POSSIBLE, cause PayPal and banks, credit cards, etc. could take some days to communicate and send money between them and this has nothing to do with our company. *IF it is NOT possible, we will send the reimbursement within 35 days from the date of the cancellation request).

Repeated tour date/time changes

From the second change of date or time of the tour, you will be charged a minimum cost of 50 euros + fees, depending on the chosen means of payment and based on the season (level of supply/demand volume).

The 30 minutes rule

CLIENTS: you agree to wait up to 30 minutes (counting from the official start time of the tour), for the arrival of other participants. Other participants agree to do the same if it is you, who is delayed. You accept, that this could occasionally happens and you accept to avoid any actions, sayings or any expressions of hard feelings towards the delayed participants.

If you are the delayed one, you agree to ask for apologies to all the group, as soon as you get to the meeting point and you also accept to compensate somehow each participant during the tour (the delayed participants compensate normally the participants by paying them coffees, cappuccinos, a drink or croissants or other – these are actions/rules aim to promote the respect for others and good manners and customs). The others agree to do the same with you.

30 MINUTES RULES FOR PARIS BY MARTIN: If we, Paris by Martin (Martin Muda EI) are late for some reason, you accept to wait for us for the same period, of time (up to 30 minutes). After that period you will be able to decide if you want your money back OR, giving us some more time to get there (in this last case and if we are able to do the tour, a/some compensation/s will be offered by us to you according to our criteria.

If our guide has a personal problem/situation to solve last minute and/or a force majeure situation (Such us: transportation problems, family issues/problems, etc.), the company could cancel unilaterally your service/tour and will proceed to fully reimburse you (including the costs of cancellation in this case) OR, if you wish, we can offer your alternative dates and time schedules to do your tour (up to 2 options and subject to our availability).

If the guide has to leave your tour/service for any of these reasons, and leave your tour unfinished, you agree/accept the following procedures:

A)If the guide has to leave the tour before reaching half of it (always considering the official start and end time of the tour/service), the company will fully reimburse you including cancellation costs OR, will give you (subject to availability) an alternative date and time to complete your tour (you can opt to do the tour, or not).

B)If the guide has to go after doing half of your tour, the company will reimburse your50% (if the company can, you could complete your tour in another date and time as described before).

C)If your guide has to leave at the official end time of the tour (not offering you a bonus or extra in terms of time…); there will be no reimbursement. Remember that our company concept, offers lot of other extras. You agree that this could not be a cause, to penalize (no negative or down-graded comment, notes or review, etc.) our company in any way, cause these extras do not belong to the service (itself) and you do not pay for them.

Official tours time/duration

The walking group tours last 2,5 hours; the shared group electric bike tours last 3 hours (occasionally offered, night versions of shared/group tours/services will last the same as walking and e-bike day versions but with a higher rate); the night walking tours with picnic* last 2,5 hours (ebike 3 hours). Private tours have mainly two options that last 3h and 5h. Other custom durations are available too on request.

You accept that you cannot express (orally, written, etc.) a negative comment, review, note, or reduced note-qualification in any format and/or platform, publicly or not, when it comes to all these things stated/described in this full text of conditions, terms and policies that you “have read, understood and accepted” before requesting and/or accepting a reservation with us.

If you do it, you agree that you are breaking the contract/service terms/conditions and that it can be used against you in a claim at the Parisian courthouses. All costs, fees, lawyers´ fees of all parts will be paid by you only, and from the beginning of the procedure OR a private arrangement will be set to repair the damage done to our company, in terms reputation, morally, publicly, financially, for lost future earnings and economically (in any case all costs/repair etc. will be exclusively paid by you).

You also accept in any case to provide a public apologize to the company and team (pre-approved by our company in format, content, context, formats, platforms, ways, periodicity/frequency, spots where and when it has to be published).

Client full payment obligation

If you have down paid / partially paid your reservation, and then you request to cancel during the penalty-time terms, you agree that you have to pay in full the remainder of the reservation in order to meet the terms/conditions of this contract/service within the 48 hours from the date and time you requested your cancellation.

If you do not proceed to fully pay your service, you accept in addition, the extra legal fees, costs and interests will apply at the pace/rhythm the French law allows from the moment those 48 hours have expired (approximately 3.26% per day, in addition and calculated on the unpaid remainder amount of your debt; this percentage level is updated every year by the French government; all extra-legal cost, lawyers´ fees, etc. will be also added and paid only by you).

In the case you request a reservation with us, in a time when it is already considered as « penalty/charges » time, you know that in case of cancellation, you are accepting that condition/risk and you agree that you are already on penalty time frame. You are also accepting the full text of our conditions, terms and policies.

Some examples to be considered:

If you reserve an electric bike tour and you do not how to ride a bike good enough to ride safely on the public streets, you cannot be part of the tour and you will have to fully paid for all the spots that are not doing the tour, that were included in your reservation (those spots were saved and guaranteed for you and they will be lost, cause we cannot sell them again).

If, in the other hand you insist to continue and do the tour, you will be the exclusive responsible for the impact that you cause in terms of damage of material, equipment, reputation, on yourself and other, etc.

If for any reason an e-bike/equipment break down or suffers damage in any way (e-bikes cannot be repaired during a tour) or any situation on the equipment that happens during the tour/service, you agree that it is nobody’s fault, that this could happens sometimes and you cannot do any claim, negative and/or downgrading review/comment in any way and/or format about this and/or on any aspect of the condition of our equipment.

You may lose part of your tour, during the potential change of the bike (in this case could be change for a non-electric bike OR use the same without electric assistance if it is possible OR time of repair OR whatever); you guide will do the best to give you as much as possible during the official time of the tour and that will be all. We all parts agree this.

Anyways, if for any reason, you (and/or other/s in your reservation) decide to leave the tour, you will have to pay the full amount that represent those spots of your reservation, not doing the tour.

If you participate in a tour with conflictive individuals that do not respect these terms and rules (such us: not to know how to drive a bike in the public streets or elsewhere and insist in being part of the experience, etc.), you agree and accept that you cannot express, publish a negative comment/review and/or downgrading-note-qualification/s in any format, platform, etc.

These situations are beyond the company control. If you do not respect this rule, you agree to repair the company reputation in a legal, public, moral, economic, etc. way as stated in this full text, for all cases.

Last-minute” health issues & other situations

Due to the increasing amount of people with “medical conditions in the last minute”, before the tour (increasing amount of cases in the last 4 years), we let you know that this is not a valid reason to avoid the cancellation fees. In case you have partially paid your reservation, you accept and agree that you have to paid the remainder amount in order to fully paid your reservation within 48hs after your tour date and time, even if this means you lose your tour/service/money.

At the moment that you fully paid you reservation (only then), we will send you an invoice (if you request so) in order to be used by you only, to claim a reimbursement to your Travel/cancellation insurance company, if you have such insurance.

In any destination, travel service in the world, if you lose a service due to health reason last minute, you lose the money. If you do cancel in advance, the stated terms will apply as described previously.

Remember we are a small company with very limited resources, with very limited availability for private and group tours, very limited number of spots for clients, with small group tours, and that we refuse a high number of reservations every year to guarantee your spots that we cannot recover or re-sell.

IMPORTANT: please do not show up to your tour/service if you suffer/show any condition that may be contagious, that could impact on yourself, others and the safety of the reserved experience/tour/service. Remember that your action could affect the persons you are in contact with. Be responsible. In all cases you will be the exclusive responsible of the results of exposing yourself, other people, equipment, company reputation, safety of the tour/service and you, in that case, accept to repair all parts: legally, economically, publicly, etc. as stated and described before).

Other “last-minutes” (or not) situations

If you, or another participant of your reservation has a last minute health problem (even if it is a not last minute issue); falling asleep; getting lost; having problems with public or private transportation to get to the tour; being robbed; having problems with your documents or passports when entering the country; not meeting the requirements (whatever they may be) to enter France / Europe; among other multiple situations that are beyond the control of our company, you lose your reservation and you will not be able to recover your money.

That is why travel insurance exists and that is why you acknowledge by accepting these conditions, that you will be traveling with a travel insurance policy. If your travel insurance does not cover your particular situation, it is not our company’s fault. I repeat, these situations are beyond the responsibility of our company that will not be able to recover / re-sell your places on the tour. Plan ahead in order to be able to get to your tour in time. In the case of group tours, you will not be able to join a tour that has already started. This goes against our service and ruins our concept for you, your guide and the other participants of your tour. Please respect your guide and the other tour participants. Do not insist. If for any reason, you and the participants of your reservation join a tour that has started before, none of you will be able to make any reviews or comments in any way or format about our company.

Do not insist, nor morally “force” us to repair your situation, return your money, etc., because all these situations are not our company´s fault. If you insist, even knowing and having accepted these rules, you and the participants of your reservation will be classified in our “black list” and will never be able to do tours with us again. We will apply the right of admission every time you try to book. If for any reason you do manage to book, we are not obliged to accept you, and in any case, you agree that you will have to pay the full amount of your booking plus an additional 100% for the hassle. Neither you nor the participants of your reservation, in any of these cases, can make any reviews or comments of any kind or format about our company. Penalties and legal costs are contemplated in these policies and conditions (that you have accepted when requesting a reservation).

In case you exceptionally obtain, a total or partial refund, you and the participants of your reservation are still obliged to respect the rules of our policies and conditions that you have already accepted for you and on behalf of the participants of your reservation. All this means and implies, that a refund does not release you from the obligations you acquired when booking with us (the acceptance and respect of our policies and conditions). You will have to continue to comply with these rules.

In case you receive an exceptional refund or credit towards your future booking, you and/or the participants of your booking are obliged to inform us immediately if you or any of the participants of your booking have been reimbursed by your travel insurance or other. In that case, you must return the refund plus fees (bank, Paypal, etc.) to us, in cases where we have exceptionally refunded the money. For cases where “credit” has been granted, it will automatically expire. It will no longer be valid.

Please, do not make us “invest/lose” our time with this administrative issues, and other things outside of our tours and concept. This frame of policies and conditions are clear rules, with no room for interpretation, so that we can dedicate ourselves 100% to our clients’ experiences in Paris.


We do not cancel due to rain, wind, hot or cold weather.

“Do you do tours on rainy days? Are not we supposed to enjoy this? How you can enjoy a tour with rain?” (some clients´recurrent questions)

Our answer: What is the logic? If tours around Europe will cancel due to rain, there will be no tours companies in all northern Europe in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc. Please be considerate and respectful when asking/requesting in the matter of weather, because weather is not the company’s fault and it is a risk you take when travelling.

In case of need, we could lend you gloves, raincoats and/or umbrellas depending on the type of tour, and even electric heated vests if temperature is lower than 6ºC (or 43 degrees Fahrenheit) during the whole tour.

Only Paris by Martin (Martin Muda EI) can cancel a tour/service, even last minute, due to extreme weather conditions according to our company criteria. If there is any doubt of what is the criterion for an extreme weather condition, only the company giving the tour/service (unilaterally) could contact the clients to consult them if our company thinks, that it is necessary.

The result of consulting to clients could be only taken as opinion that we can take or not. For these reasons we request several means/ways to contact clients (contact information) at the moments of reservation (such us: working cell phone number used during the stay in Paris, full hotel/apartment information, e-mail, etc.). The more contact information we have, the more chances to reach you in this or other contexts/situations.

If we have to cancel a tour last minute and we cannot reach you at none of those contact information you informed, a text message to your phone OR a WhastApp OR an e-mail OR voice message will be enough warning for you and cannot cause a negative comment/review or downgrading-qualification in any way and/or format as stated described before, EVEN if you have not read, listened, etc. before showing up for your tour/service.

If it´s a tour with picnic* and it is (out there in our company’s criteria) wet, rainy, too cold, windy, etc. in order to do the picnic* in normal conditions, we will give you, our «“fancy” doggy bag/s », so you can enjoy it/them on your own at your rented-apartment/hotel after the tour/service.

Tours participants

Private tours: our private tour formulas have a global unique rate, which is the same up to 4 participants. We have two options: 3hours and 5hours and they are by default by walking. Optional services and/or other special requests could be added, if you wish so, such us: electric bikes and/or picnic*. Optional services and/or special requests are subject to availability. If you wish to add more participants to that 4 participants formula, you can do so, by requesting to us and paying and extra fee per person (also subject to availability). The time schedule and conditions for private tours could change only at our company’s criteria. (*Picnic* are not part of our service, read the picnic* risk/responsibility description in this terms and conditions text).

Small shared-group tours: our group tours hold up to 8-10 participants maximum in normal regular conditions. The company could determine periods of exception when the numbers of participants could be raised up to 16 participants for a limited period due to special offer-demand-logistics contexts. In all cases these figures do not include the guide / guides. Children 3 years old or younger will not be considered when counting the maximum participants of a group/shared tour. Remember you are accepting these rules when you reserve with us and you cannot do negative and/or downgrading notes reviews in any way and/or format about it. In Paris there are many companies that offer tours and/or free tour for 30, 40, 50 persons or more at the same time, in that context we consider that we offer small group-shared tours.


Low: January, February, October, and November. High: the rest of the months.

“Night tour” version

Night tours are considered “night” in terms of time and not in terms of “sunset”. Night tours cannot start later than 6pm, except for particular situations of the guide (only). Please note that sunset in the middle of summer may be later than 10pm (22hs).

Some further considerations

You accept that you cannot express (orally, written, etc.) a negative comment, review, note, or downgraded/reduced note-qualification in any format and/or platform, publicly or not when it comes to all these things stated / described in this full text of conditions and policies that you have read, understand and accepted before requesting and/or accepting a reservation with us.

If you do it, you agree that you are breaking the contract/service terms and you that will be pursuit in Parisian courthouses.  Your actions and your reservations participant’s actions can be used against you all in the legal procedure. All costs, fees, lawyers´ fees of all parts will be paid by you only from the beginning of the procedure OR a private arrangement will be set to repair the damage in terms reputation, morally, publicly, financially, for lost future earning and economically (in any case all costs will be exclusively paid by you).

You also accept in any case to provide a public apologize to the company and team (pre-approved by the company in format, content, context, formats, platforms, ways, spots where and when it has to be published).

All costs related to the procedures previous to any legal action such us, knowing who did a review/comment in platforms such us TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, other similar web site/platforms, other formats on-line off-line, printed (written /oral), etc. (that hides the author/s of review/s, and give no information at all before presenting a claim against them in justice, in order to make them release the information) will be paid by you only. These costs are normally: legal Internet certificate (of the existence and what is stated on the review, who did it (IP id), etc.), lawyer’s fees, etc.

Not reading these conditions, policies, and rules is your exclusive responsibility because you agree to accept them when requesting a reservation. You are also the exclusive responsible of communicating/informing this full text and terms/rules/conditions to all your reservation participants as well as for their actions and behavior and the respect of what is stated here.

Our rates

Our rates are net and involve only, all local taxes, related to our activity exclusively. Our rates DO NOT include: foreign taxes, fees, commission etc. from: other entities and/or platforms such as credit cards, Banks, PayPal, etc. and/or DO NOT include, any cost related to the chosen method of payment.

When we communicate our quotation to you, we inform you already our rate PLUS those fees, commissions related to the method of payment if your chosen method is PayPal (you accept that may/could be additional charges not informed in terms of credit cards, bank transfer/s, if you choose those means too, etc.; that are all in any case, at your expenses). This means that what you pay has already the PayPal commissions added but those commissions are not paid to our company and therefore they are beyond our administration and remain foreign to us.

Example: if you pay 100 euros via PayPal, our rate would be approximately 96,5 euros (this could vary according to PayPal changing policies and/or updates). In the other side, you pay 3.5 to PayPal in terms of commission to PayPal.  This commission/s are never reimbursable in case you require a reimbursement to us. You have to consider this, before to send money to us, cause again, PayPal do not reimburse those commissions due to PayPal communicated official policies. The same thing could normally happen with bank and credit cards fees, etc.

If you cancel with us and our policy applies with a reimbursement of 50%* or 100%* of your payment, that will be the portion of reimbursement NOT considering the non-reimbursable commission of PayPal, bank transfer, credit cards fees, etc. If PayPal, banks, platforms, credit card fees, commission are applied, in addition and over our reimbursed amount (in this example, 96.5) for any reason, those additional charges, will be deducted from reimbursed amount. If this action is shown or exposed after sending the amount back to you, you agree to send us that additional amount (of those extras charges net), free of charges and commission to us, within 48 hours from the moment of our reimbursement to you.

Remember that you accept by these terms and conditions that our company Paris by Martin (Martin Muda EI) has for/in all cases and circumstances a limited responsibility up to the net amount you have paid to our company (not considering fees, commissions, etc.).

You accept that as well, for any case or circumstance of conflict between you and/or the participants of your reservation and us. You (and/or your reservation participants) cannot take any action and/or claim against the company for a bigger amount of what you have net paid to the company in total, once only (without fees, charges, commissions, etc.). Our company is then limited responsible in face of you only, because you undertake responsibility for all your reservation participants.

If you cannot longer be responsible, your participants will be jointly liable debtors with no limits in order to repair and or full-fill your obligations (and their obligations). On the contrary, our company obligations will be extinguished if you (for yourself and/or in representation of your reservation participants), for any reason, you and only you cannot (or you are not anymore able) to keep pursuing you claim against us.

“Rebours” costs

When you book a service with Paris by Martin & Friends (Martin Muda EI), you are trusting that Martin will make you know Paris and understand Paris in its many facets. These facets can include a “visual”, “olfactory”, “gustatory” Paris, with its attractions, gastronomy, history, etc. You also trust that Martin will provide elements of comfort so that your service can be carried out as comfortably as possible. Therefore, when you accept “the policies and conditions” of Paris by Martin & Friends (Martin Muda EI) you are giving explicit and written agreement to Martin to purchase on your behalf and on behalf of the participants of your reservation, elements such as: products constituting a picnic*, Evian or other water, wine/s, pastries, chocolates, macarons, etc. that are not products produced and/or elaborated by Martin Muda EI. This implies that Martin Muda EI has no responsibility whatsoever for the effects and/or result of the consumption of such items and/or products, and that they are therefore not a constituent part of either Martin Muda EI’s tariff or earnings. These are referred to as “frais de rebours“. They will appear on your invoice and do not imply an additional cost to your rate because they are not part of the service. These “purchases” on your behalf may vary from service to service or in some cases not be made at all. Everything will depend on the criteria of your guide and on the trust due to your explicit “written” agreement that you give by accepting the policies and conditions when requesting a reservation.

In any case, neither you nor the participants of your reservation will be able to make reviews, comments, qualifications, etc. in any format (oral, written, etc.) about these aspects because they are not part of the service.

Accounting date of your invoice

The accounting date of your service invoice will be the day of your tour, even if you have paid in full and/or partially in advance. In case of cancellation, the accounting date of your invoice (negative), will be the date of the day of cancellation.

Reservations via 3rd parties

If you have done a reservation with us via a 3rd party entity such as: tour operators, travel or events agencies, hotel, concierges, etc., our responsibility is limited to the net amount paid to those entities without commission and all other charges, with no exception and in all circumstances.

Those 3rd party companies/persons/entities have the responsibility of communicating our policies, terms and conditions and/or telling you in any formal-documented way where to find the text that describe them and/or provide this full text to you (is their exclusive responsibility). In any case of conflict and/or disagreement you can only claim them, if they have not communicated the conditions and policies.

Those 3rd party entities and/or intermediaries are exclusively responsible to remain updated of any changes in our conditions and policies via our website www.parisbymartin.com in our footer section “our policies”.

Is also your entire and exclusive responsibility to inform to your group participants our policies, terms and conditions and you accept, that you take all the responsibility (exclusively) if one or more of your group/reservation participants do not accept our conditions on behalf of them.

In any case, they can only claim you, if they want to claim something. If one or more or your participants do not accept these rules is your exclusive responsibility to let them participate or not.

If your and/or their participation cause an impact on our company reputation, equipment, belongings, other clients, 3rd party entities/persons, etc.; we have the right to take legal action against you and/or them via you in order to repair all damage and future losses (you agree that these claims will have no limits on the requested amounts). You agree to repair and pay for your actions and the actions of your reservation participants.

You accept that, nor you, nor them can do negative comments/reviews and/or downgrading-qualifying notes in all ways and formats as stated and described in this full text.


In case of global/ international/local general extreme conditions/contexts, that implies a risk on health/security and cause a considerable impact in the number of reservation cancellations (considerable impact in the scale of our company and/or big impact in French/Parisian financial-economic situation, the tourism industry, air companies industry, hotel and apartments rental services industry, etc.), our company will have the right to offer you these choices:

A- a reimbursement, within 60-90 days from the moment you request a cancellation in order to avoid a financial crisis in the company that may put at risk the existence of our company. If the special circumstances, context is extended for a longer period than that, this delayed of reimbursement could be set, up to 30 days after to the Official French government and your government (of your country of residence) official announcement that the risk / special extreme context has ended.

In case of being able to reimburse before those described periods, the company will do it asp, if that action does not put at risk the financial conditions of the company.

You accept that you cannot take any kind of action against our company (and/or against the staff and as well as what they all own for these reasons stated in this full text. 

B-a credit. In these contexts, if you wish so, you can opt to transform your payment into a credit that will be non-reimbursable, non-cancelable, BUT modifiable for the value/amount you have paid and with a 3-YEAR validity (from the date of your original tour/reservation).

You could modify/use that credit for reservations as many times as you wish, within those 3 years (to be reserved and used within that period) with 2 conditions. 1) That you can do any change on your new credit reservation up to 1 week before each time and 2) that you have to show every single time, your transportation tickets/confirmations to Paris and your lodgment reservation and confirmation in Paris for that period.

These conditions are set, in order to avoid speculations of all kind, and to maintain our logistics safe (being a very small company with limited resources). If you do not respect this term you will lose your credit with no exceptions.

If you wish to request/do a reservation during these periods of general risk for health and security in Paris, but the date of your tour reveals later on, to be in a period of non-risk, your conditions will automatically change to the regular general conditions (this risk conditions change from the moment the French local authority declares officially the end of period of risk and/or low and/or moderate risk). Anyways, the regular terms, conditions and policies have priority over these special extreme contexts protocols even when these 2 frames co-exist and complement each other permanently.

(Example) Protocol 1: all reservations requested, to be used and/or to the provided/rendered during periods of exception such us the one described previously (for a limited period of time to be determined only by the company in accordance with the local authority official statements), will have a no-charge* fees cancellation up to 48 hours previous to the start of your tour/service (*not considering fees and/or commissions, etc. such us PayPal example), within the time of reimbursed stated previously.

Your cancellation has to be related and cause by this risky special context situation in order to be framed under these terms. If the client wants to get the tour/service in another time, it is possible to exchange the reservation for a “non-reimbursable, non-refundable credit” that could be active for 3 years (counting from the original tour/service date and following the previously described rules/conditions).

We remind you that if you wish to do your tour/service in the future, in a date within the months from April to July, that you have to do your reservation with several months in advance cause that is the super high season and it will be subject to availability as well as for the other months requests.

We remind you, please, not to show up (in any circumstance and/or context, even non-risky periods) to your tour if you present potentially contagious symptoms that can put at risk yourself and/or other persons. Please respect your guide, the only source of income your guide has, and respect others too. Do not expose them.

Responsibility & Safety

Do not show up to your tour/service if you have any symptom and/or conditions that may be contagious and may put at risk yourself and any other persons that have contact with you (physical or non-physical) even if this implies losing your money/tour/reservation. Do not expose yourself or others to face a conflictive situation. Do not expose others to face an unpleasant situation.


The non-respect of these aspects is under your entire exclusive legal, economic, etc. responsibility for any impact that your actions/behavior could cause. If you find, whenever you show up to do a tour, that one or more of the participants shows these kinds of conditions and this/these person/s has/have not communicated previously the situation to the company, you accept and agree that this is not a responsibility of our company.

Then, you could leave the tour if you do not want to do the tour/service in those circumstances OR if the person/s decide/s to stay (in an extreme case the company could use the admission right rule due to health/security risk and send the person away no allowing the person to do the service/tour and/or use the public forces if this could not be achieved).

In any case, even when leaving the tour, you accept and agree that you will pay to our company the full amount of your reservation with no right of reimbursement BUT you can request that person/s presenting these health conditions to pay, cause they accept to do so, if they show up like that. That person/s will pay you the full amount of your reservation plus: fees, commission and charges (all parts accept that the company can communicate to all the parts, the contact, personal information and the reservation/s information).

This is one of the risks, that a person takes by showing up not respecting others security and health. All legal, medical, reservation charges, expenses, etc. (of all parts involved/impacted) that this situation cause will be paid in full by this person with health conditions that do not respect the rule of no showing up.

Remember as well that if you cause a health/security condition on our guide that this will cause that our guide will not be able to do tours for a certain period of time (in this case will be considered all amounts of all e-mails confirmed with full amount quotations), and you will also have to repair economically for every single reservation that cannot be honored, taken, reserved, etc. as well as the loss of reputation for all those reviews/comments that we did not have that will not bring new requests.

All parts agree and accept to estimate that every reservation of 1 to 2 persons generates at least 3 comments, 1 on each:  TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook platforms; and for reservation with more participants will generate 3 comments (1 per platform) per every 2 participants. For non-even numbers it will be consider as one more participant to round up on quantity of participants and the impact this have on comments/reviews.

All parts accept that all these potential comments/reviews are with maximum qualifications for every single platform in the most optimal conditions (as they were written by the most valuable users, extension of the text, most optimal pace of publishing and whatever condition makes for every platform, the best possible comment/review/feedback/positioning/ranking).

All these aspects are described to better calculate the impact of these actions in such a small structure/company with such a great known reputation. This minimum amount could be higher if the impact that cause the actions against our company are extended in time and/or that impact is considered bigger than that minimum guaranteed amount.

Bring these elements

The company requests you to bring your own disposable Kleenex/handkerchiefs, masks and hands sanitizer in order to keep our hands clean/disinfected and well as other elements you may consider important (Example: cell phones, helmets, gloves, etc.).

In case of experiencing periods of exception (declared officially by local authorities) for security/health risks locally and or globally, we will avoid all physical contact at the moment of presentation/greetings/showing-up to the tour, etc. The same rule will be applied on regular basis for all those that present potential contagious symptoms.

If possible, in these kinds of contexts, please bring your own facemask in order to protect yourself and others. If case that you have forgotten and you need one, you can buy one (that you can use several times) to Paris by Martin for 10 euros* (subject to availability).

Any allergies, limitations, special needs?

If you and/or any of the participants of your group presents/has/have any kind of allergy, food allergy or any kind of limitation when it comes to food consumption, on manners, greetings, etc., let us know in advance.

This could be due to religious or personal choices and/or, you have among your reservation participants any kind of limitation or special need (physical or mental) that could go-against/prevent the normal execution, development, procedure of a reservation/tour/service in terms of yours and others security/health/expectation/pace/extension of the tour/service, etc. Is your responsibility to communicate and describe the situation in advance via e-mail to us.

If you inform this at the moment of the start of the tour, any impact that this causes on you, others and things (property), will be your exclusive responsibility. You will economically repair whatever the damage will be. If, for any reason you cannot do the tour or you have to leave the tour before, we all parts agree and accept, that it will be considered technically as you have not showed up for the tour and you will pay the total amount of your reservation.


Do not use your phone while riding your bicycle. If you do, it is your sole responsibility.

Please note that when you are assigned your bicycle and/or electric bicycle, you are solely responsible for the actions you perform with your bicycle and the impact or situations you cause to yourself, to others and to your own or other people’s things. If you scratch or damage a vehicle; anything else; the bicycle assigned to you; if you injure yourself or others; if you have a serious accident; fatal or not; if you are fined for your use of the bicycle or other; if you lose or have the bicycle assigned to you stolen during your tour, until the moment you leave the bicycle in our company’s warehouse, you will be responsible for the costs that these things imply (legal and economic). In case of loss or theft, you will have to purchase the same bicycle and new model to replace it from our company. Shipping and other costs will also be at your expense. In case the bicycle model is discontinued, you will have to consult with our company about which model or brand to buy to repair the situation. In any case, or situation neither you, nor the participants of your reservation, nor your relatives or relatives with or without any particular interest will be able to attack our company legally.

If any of these events, situations occur with bicycles assigned to underage participants, the responsibility will be concentrated exclusively on the parents of the minor and/or the adults (“guardians”) responsible for such minors. Otherwise, in the absence of “parents”, it will be the responsibility of the adults who are part of the reservation where the minors participate. In any case, all minors participating in our tours are always the responsibility of the adults sharing their reservation.

Remember also that the minimum requirements to be able to do an electric bike tour in good conditions are that each participant knows how to ride a traditional bike well and that they must be at least 1.5 meters tall (4.11 feet). Below that height and with a poorer level of bike riding, you know that the risks will multiply and will be always your sole responsibility. The maximum weight that our bikes can stand is 110kg (this is an industry standard). For people over that weight we have 1 cargo bike available that can stand up to / close to 200kg according to the bike/model/brand technical description. Also consider that you are doing an electric bike tour in a busy city. Not all of the city is set up with dedicated bike paths. Many are streets that bicycles share with other vehicles. If biking in a city will impress you or may impress other participants, do not book bike tours in city. If for reasons of safety or your own comfort you cannot do the tour, you lose your money. Do not push you or others in these cases.

We remind you that for e-bike tours and according to French laws, the use of helmets is compulsory until the age of 12 years old. Despite this law we have helmets for all ages available for you and at no extra cost. No to use a helmet during any of our bike tours is your exclusive responsibility (that include all participants of your reservation).

If your guide forgets to offer you helmets, you already know you have those helmets available, if you request them, cause you have accepted that previously (that you have “read, understand, and accept” our terms, conditions and policies when requesting a reservation). We strongly advice that you request helmets to your guide, for you and for all the participants of your reservation.

Babies and kids up to 20kilogrames (44lb – pounds) will always go in a special seat added on/to their parents/persons in charge bikes (if this cannot be done, you will not be able to participate in the tour and you will be charged in full). The company could offer you (subject to availability and our company criteria, to offer to you, a couple of dates and time schedule alternatives for a walking tour – only if it is possible in terms of availability and logistics) If you were doing a group tour and there is no availability for a waking group tour, you could opt to pay an up-grade.  

Important: You and all other clients, agree and accept, that the maximum number of participants of group/shared tours/services could be exceeded on these cases and any other major force situations/cancellations if the company decides to do so and if our companies logistics allows such a thing.

Minors, seniors, special need participants

All adults participating will be the exclusive responsible of all minors and/or special needs persons in their own reservation, and the impact they may produce on things and others. All minors and/or special need person have to be able to follow to tour and respect rules in order to be able to participate on our tours.

Please remember that minors participating in our services are only responsibility of their parents or adults in charge. Remember that Martin´s (or your guide) role is not to be a “baby-sitter”, nor to be in charge of your kids during the service. Consider this even more if you participate in a group / share tour / service. We have very good feedback and experience with kids all ages coming and having fun with us but is not our role to take care of them like parents or persons in charge are.

Please do not show up with more than one, fewer then 3 year-old kid, per parent or adult in charge if you cannot manage and control them. Please respect others. More if you are participating in a group tour with other people.

We will not accept reservations with minors without at least one accompanying adult. That adult will be responsible for them.  If for any reason there is a situation of a tour with minors only, the parents and/or guardians and/or adults who have made the reservation will be responsible for the minors. If the adult responsible for the minors does not come to the tour or for any reason withdraws from the tour, he/she must pay the full amount of his/her reservation and the tour will be terminated before it begins and/or at the time the adult withdraws. In case of incurring expenses to repatriate our equipment to our warehouse, etc. These expenses will be borne by the adult in question.

In case of an e-bike tour service, if the minor/kid knows to ride a bike well enough to safely (for him/her and others) ride his/her own bike on the public streets of a city such us Paris, and their parents/persons in charge authorize them to do so, is their parents/persons in charge exclusive responsibility.

If a minor/kid is over 20kgs (44lb – pounds) and cannot ride a bike well enough for these conditions and/or cannot respect rules and/or Is not able to follow instructions/rules and/or do not respect others, will not be able to do the tour and the parent/s/person/s in charge have to pay the full reservation amount.

If one of these situations showed-up/happens during a tour/service, all participants (even from other reservations) agree and accept to come back to the e-bike depot to bring this/these people back and continue the tour without him/her/them. We all agree and accept that this is no our company’s responsibility.

Routings & considerations

We recommend also for e-bike service, that all persons driving/riding a bike, have to be at least 1.5 meters tall (5 ft. –feet). We remind you that our e-bike tour rides through: A) exclusive bike lines, and B) bike lines that we share with buses and taxis; C) streets that has no bike lines and we share with all kind of transportation means. The French law considers bikers almost like pedestrians so we are in all cases priority (except from pedestrians using a pedestrian path and when there is a street light that we all have to respect with no exception).

Fines & damage on property

If one of the participants gets a fine/ticket or other by our local authorities, all legal, economic, etc., the responsibility is exclusively to that/those participants and/or the participant in charge of that person (if that person is a minor or a special need person or a senior). This includes if you or/and a minor or/and a person in charge produce damage on property. The economic repair will be exclusively on you.

We remind you as well that riding a bike on Parisian sidewalks and parks, squares is forbidden. If your guide does not respect this, do not do the same cause everyone answers for their own acts and /or the person/s in charge act/s.

Respect your guide and others

Remember to keep your phone on silent mode during your tour and do not take calls. Also do not use your phone in any way during our tour. Respect your guide and the other participants.

It is the client/s exclusive responsibility not to get distracted or lost during the tour (you have follow the tour/guide closely); also do to use your cell phone during the service/tour, do not take calls (only real emergencies), do not talk with others, do not leave the group. Please respect your guide and the other participants. If you get distracted, lost, etc. you will have to pay the full amount of your reservation and the guide will be able to ask you to leave the tour.

Is your own exclusive responsibility to keep your reservation participants focused as well to respect the rules and be able to follow the tour/group.

At the beginning of the tour your guide will ask you: if you want to use ponchos, helmets (for e-bike tours; under 13 years old the use of helmets are mandatory); if you want gloves; umbrellas; electric heated vests; etc., that you can borrow from us during your tour. In case you do not want them at the beginning of the tour, you will not be able to count on them during the tour. Your guide will not be able to carry these items for you during your tour. It is you own fault if you do not take them at the beginning of your tour.

Remember that the guide is not obligated to offer these items to you. In case the guide forgets to offer them or does not mention that they are available to you, you already know this through our policies and conditions, and you agree that these items are available at the beginning of the tour for you to have at your disposal. It is your sole responsibility to request them immediately prior to the start of the tour in person, if the guide does not offer them to you.

Some general recommendations

We recommend our e-bike tour for people that are 12 year-old or more, until a certain age (and particular condition for every particular case), that allows the participant to go by their own means for at least 4 hours. All persons participating in a group (share group) knows and accept that we will have to adapt the tour to the pace and needs of the slowest person with biggest and break needs.

For all those participants choosing a group-shared e-bike tour/service, that they do not want to use the electric assistance of the bike, you all agree and accept that you will have to do an important effort to keep it up with the rest of the tour (this is a E-BIKE tour, NOT a bike tour).

Sometimes we accept requests to integrate younger kids on group tours as well as older persons with some limitations or restrictions of movements and/or some issues to keep it up for at least 4 hours (to be considered that we have also private tours that last 6 hours, but being private allows you to stop as many times as you want).

Minors, special needs and older persons will be the entire responsibility of those who request to add them on their group tour reservation. We strongly recommend only private tours for these groups of people because we can adapt the group/shared tour pace, break, etc. up to a certain stand, but not completely, and not all the time, and this can cause conflict and unpleasant situation contexts with the other participants. This is not and will not be the company responsibility in any case.

Please do not leave all these challenges, issue, problems to our company to be solved, because we will not be able to reach everyone’s expectations. Please be considerate and respectful with others too.

Restroom rule (for group/shared tours)

Some people need restrooms access very often. To find restrooms in Paris takes time. If we have a group/shared tour, we all accept that there will be up to 2 general stops for restrooms needs. These stops may involve an extra fee is it is a paying-restroom or if we have to use one in a café, that you will pay directly to them, because we have nothing to do with that service.

Remember that the more time you take for your restroom break the more spots attractions you lose; please respect others when doing your restroom break, use time wisely; this is not our company’s responsibility).

If you need to get more stops we recommend you a private tour OR on shared groups tours you can do it in your own by leaving the group (this do not apply to e-bike tours), telling firstly to your guide and paying the reminder of your reservation if you have not done that before, just in case you are not able to come back to the tour.

In that case, the group will continue and you will contact the guide afterwards only by a voice phone call and/or WhatsApp call, in order to know where the group is and to join it again. You take the risk that the guide does not receive, listen the call and if you cannot reach/join the group again somehow, you will lose the remainder of your tour and optional services and/or special requests (For example: picnic*).

Remember that this brings troubles to the guide and group participants when telling/hearing anecdotes, reducing the pace when you are trying to reach to group, several breaks when you contact the guide in order to come back, damaging the normal dynamic of the service, etc. Please understand that multiple stops for your own needs can cause conflict on the rest of the group.

Leaving the tour for a moment (or permanently) for other purposes or not: not allowed.

Leaving the shared tour for a limited time for shopping purposes or other different purposes, different from the guides purposes and/or tour/service are not allowed; the group will not wait for you and you cannot be accepted on the tour again and you will have to pay the full amount of your reservation before leaving.

If you leave without taking our tour, or before the end of the tour (which is only when the guide determines that it is the end of the tour), neither you nor the participants of your reservation will be able to review or comment on our company in any way or format.

Please note that you know in advance that our tours may last longer. Do not make other appointments, other reservations etc. close in time to the estimated tour end time.

You end up being alone even when you have a group tour reservation? This is what happens…

If you are lucky enough of being the only reservation that shows up the day of your group/shared tour/service, your reservation is still a group/shared tour/service reservation (even if you get some kind of an up-grade circumstance), this mean the guide only, can choose what to see during the tour.

In case your guide accept to please you by doing some things at your request (such us extra stops for shopping, drink, breaks, etc. at your own interest), you must consider that you are losing other sights, spots, areas, and that you are using your tour/service time to do those things.

All group/shared tour/services are scheduled in our agenda considering and contemplating previous and post-tour/service engagements, appointments. That is why all group tours/services are organized in a certain way, routing, logistically in order to be able to get to the next appointment on time.

You cannot claim for that time or lost spots covered when you leave the group, or we have to stop for your own interests or needs.

If you have to / want to leave the tour before the end of it: you can.

We remind you, that all participants can leave the tour at any time even before the official end time of the tour (except for group/shared e-bike services/tours, that is not allowed). Sometimes, even some participants within a reservation, want to leave before time for any reason. This could happen on groups/shared and/or private services/tours (only walking tours). This is accepted.

Sometimes the guide has extra time to offer, even if you choose to leave before the end OR at the official ending time of your service. If the guide keeps going, that is a non-charged extra and you can choose to follow or not. You cannot express a negative comment/review or/and a downgrade because of this.

We remind you that you will not lose much cause our concept is full of “bonus tracks”, extras, gratuities offered and we advise you during your stay in order to take the best of the city (subject to availability).

In case our guide, team, staff is/are on holidays (or we have a problem, any kind of appointment; meeting etc. or we are in a spot where de do not have Access to phone signal/internet, etc.), you accept that you will not have these extras/benefits/gratuities as long as these kind of events last. This will happen even if you have taken one or more tour, group/shared and/or private services. It will happen for all cases.

If you are part of a shared-group tour / service: you have to able to adapt to others.

Remember that, if you choose to do a shared/group tour you accept that you have to adapt yourself (as well as all the participants of your reservation) to the pace/rhythm, level of knowledge of the city by other participants, other people´s interests, spots that the guide choose to show, etc. You can only choose what to do and see if you choose a private tour (all tours are exclusively within the city of Paris limits = “Paris intra-muros”).

If you decide to leave before the end of the tour and your guide has not shown all the attractions, parts of the city you have expected to see, even if your guide has not shown those spots during the official duration of the tour you accept that you cannot claim of express in any way a negative comment/note and/or downgrading note-qualification cause, we all accept and agree that for group-shared tours-services, is the guide that decides what to include in the potential routing, and that it can be changed in part or totally according to your guide criteria on the process, last minute.

This could also happen on private tours when you were ambitious with the lists of things you want to do/see, and in addition, you request many extra spots for shopping, food or other. Whenever we choose to do something, we may lose other things for doing these other things instead.

For all cases, you cannot do negative or downgrading comments/reviews/note, etc. in any way and/or format, if you were not able to see the list of places and or attractions that we were supposed to see during the tour/service (during or after the official time of the tour-service; with or without your presence; also for cases that you leave the tour before or after the official ending time, and IF we cover or not those spots and attractions).

Some risks within our activities / services / tours

If you consider, that you would not like to take the risks of doing an e-bike service/tour and/or a tour/service with picnic*, for you and/or for other participants of your reservation (including the persons in charge) OR if you have doubts on the risk you are willing to take for you and for them, you can OPT for a walking tour (also with risks like any other activity but at least with apparent lesser risks / exposure) OR you can opt for not taking any of our services/tours.

The risk in taking an e-bike tour, is in general terms, related to your capacity of riding a normal bike (your skills and other participants skills to do it) + the electric assistance + the weather + the fact of being exposed to the public Street and transit/means of transportation, as well as many other aspects beyond the control and responsibility of our company. There could be also other risks; it is impossible to be aware of all potential risks.

(Picnic*) The risk of taking a tour with picnic* in general terms, is related to the way the food is sold by 3rd companies, the way the sell it, the way food is handled, THAT IS WHY our company do not offer the picnic* as a service. We offer, to do a “favor” to you, when going to buy your picnic* food and drinks before the tour or not (could be during the tour at your request) and, when buying for you the things we consider that should be in a “French” picnic*.

If you request us the picnic* favor, you must communicate to us, formally, via our official e-mail described in this text, in advance at least a week before the date of your tour, about any food limitation, allergies, etc. for you and the participants of your reservation. Make sure you get an e-mail back from us that we have read, understand and take in account those limitations.

If you do not receive our e-mail confirming this, it cannot be considered that we received your communication. We will do our best to buy the correct items, but remember that it is a favor therefore there is not responsibility in us when doing that (we are also not responsible for what the food stores sell and how the deliver and/handle their products).

Therefore, that cost is not part of our rate and/or service and is beyond our responsibility as a company and/or as individuals. We will lend you a nap, knife, glasses, among other things during the tour and we will help you to set it up, as a favor too (not part of our service).

We have not responsibility in how people use these elements lent to you/you all. We will set a minimum purchase cost in order to buy your food and drinks at 30 to 40 euros per person which are non-reimbursable cause is for making you a favor. We do not earn money with this favor, is just your cost. That amount will be set also, according to our criteria only at the moment you request us the favor to include your picnic* during our service.

That cost will be informed when quoting to you and it will not be shown in your invoice and again it will not be reimbursable cause is not part of our service (if it is the case, will be money lost / food & drinks lost).

Travel insurance obligation (including 3rd party responsibility)

You accept, at the moment of requesting and/or doing a reservation, that you will have a travel insurance at the moment of your tour/s – service/s with us, that cover and contemplate your participation in any of our activities for you and all the participants of your reservation (that means, you own risk and your reservation participants) AS WELL AS the impact, you and/or your group participants could cause on others and on property in general (that has to include the guide/s and your own property, the company property and others property too).

Clients are legally and economically responsible for their actions and the effect they cause on things and others.

Brand, content, concept

The use of our brand, its content and other aspects to be considered

Tracing the tour routing on apps or other means, as well as filming, recording audio during the tour is banned and forbidden. Playing, displaying or selling or sharing what we offer – be it partly or wholly – is prohibited, as everything is protected. If you and/or your tours participants go against this rule you will legally and economically repair the company for all of them.

Paris by Martin (Martin Muda EI), with previous approval of the brand Owner/s, may allow exceptional activities of this kind only for our company and/or brand benefit and/or for personal purposes only (non-commercial and/or non-profit, not publishable) if you do formally request so, in advance, by e-mail to us (to the official e-mail described in this text). We remind you that, none of these things that are part of our content, routing, etc. could be published in Internet or any other way and/or format.

Paris by Martin is a brand used by Martin Muda EI only, which company is the only responsible for any services provided (the brand could not suffer any action, of any kind, from you and/or others and/or entities/organizations of any kind, note even as property of Martin M. Muda and it cannot suffer sanctions and/or embargoes).  

Our company responsibility is limited to the company Martin Muda EI only, and only when Martin M. Muda is the one doing your service/s and/or tour/s. The company and the individual person (Martin M. Muda) responsibility are limited to the net amount that you have paid to the company Martin Muda EI in all cases, contexts and circumstances (you are accepting this when you accept our terms, conditions and policies at the moment of requesting availability/services/a reservation/s).

If another person, guide, entity of all kind does/do services in the name of Paris by Martin (authorized or not) or when similar name is used (non-authorized in all cases) that may confuse users, that will be the exclusive responsibility of those persons, guides, entities, etc. (exclusively). Is not our company responsibility and cannot be shown in our company, brand (Paris by Martin) reviews, comments, reputation, etc. (our company and/or brand cannot be impacted/attacked by you and/or other participants of your reservations and/or others related somehow and/or with any kind of relationship degree with you all).

You accept that is has nothing to do with the company and you cannot claim or do any action against our company, Brand, belongings, reputation, staff and their belongings, etc.

If for any reason we have to honor your tour/service by using a guide different from Martin (Martin M. Muda), you agree and accept it and agree to be informed by e-mail and/or SMS, text messages and/or WhatsApp (even last minute) and you accept also that the person is within our quality company-brand guidelines standards.

You ALSO accept that you cannot do a negative review/comment and/or downgrading note-qualification on Paris by Martin profiles in any platforms and/or formats (orally, written, etc). We call these guides also, the “friends of Martin”, but they are not part nor the Brand, nor the company.

In any case, an authorized or non-authorized 3rd entity, organization or person doing services for OR on-“behalf” of the Brand Paris by Martin and/or similar name that could confuse the consumer/user, that/those person/s, entities, organizations will have to pay to Paris by Martin (Owner/s) the total amount that, that potential client produces, as well as an additional payment to be determined in terms of the impact of those actions could have in the brands reputation, positioning in platforms, potential reservations lost, etc.

These persons, organizations and/or entities will give/provide to us, all the clients information, and will not be able to contact them again and refuse any communication from them.

We all parts accept and agree that our official company holding the rights of Paris by Martin has only a limited responsibility in all cases up to the net amount of money paid by the client only when paying exclusively to the company that holds officially Paris by Martin. Remember that this amount is not considering the fees, commission and other charges related to 3rd party entities (is a net amount).

Any legal action or disagreement will be solved in the local Parisian justice courts only. The company is only responsible for the tour service during the pre-agreed schedule. Everything before and / or after the time schedule (also during if there are items or things or events that are not part of our service, during our service, such us your picnic* If you have asked to integrate it), must considered as good-will, free, non-commercial, bonuses, and cannot be included as negative and/or downgrading comments/reviews/notes in any way and support (Examples: map, map explanation, extra time bonuses, and free available equipment, etc.). Those bonuses will not be considered for legal claims or any kind of claims.

You and you reservation participants accept, that Martin or whoever gives the tour / service (with the Paris by Martin and the bran owner Martin M. Muda authorization) on behalf of the Brand Paris by Martin can take pictures, film or other of you and/or your reservation participants during your services / tours or whatever activity you share with Martin and/or Paris by Martin. You and your reservation participants also accept that Martin and/or Paris by Martin can publish that material on Martin and/or the official profiles of the Brand Paris by Martin social media or in any other way or format for the time that Martin and/or his brand find convenient.

If you wish that Martin and/or the official representative of the brand Paris by Martin do not take pictures and/or videos and/or other of you, you must write only to: parisbymartin@gmail.com and/or martinandfriendstours@gmail.com requesting so before the start of the first service/tour (tour time Schedule) and also you have to mention this to your guide orally if your request was later than 24 hours before your tour/service.

If this is your case, Martin and/or the official representative of the brand Paris by Martin will not take nor photos, nor videos of you nor your group participants (not directly). If you or your tour participants show up in the background or other, in other´s people videos and/or pictures and/or other will not be responsibility of Paris by Martin nor Martin nor the representative of our brand.

In this case, please pay attention when a video and/or a picture and/or other, is about to the taken to be sure you are not in the “capture” area.

We have no commercial agreements with shops, restaurants, etc.

Our company has no agreements at all with 3rd party company or entities such us restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. and we get no gratuities and/or no commissions from any of these businesses. Our goal is “to advice the best things we know about in order to get for you the best of the city even during your whole stay”. For you to get the “Paris you are looking for…”, the company request not to mention us, Martin, the Brand in any of those spots.

We advise this, if you choose to go there, in order to be absolutely transparent with this issue and in order to be able to be absolutely independent (“not to get paid by…”) from those places, in case we need to “erase” them from our advices lists if they are not anymore great for us and therefore for our clients. “We want the best for our clients/friends”.

-The map

You will receive 1 map of Paris per reservation. In case you want more maps you will be able to buy additional units. *What is being sold is not the map itself, but the time we spend in including our information and knowledge of the city of Paris on that map. The map itself, is free of charge and has no commercial value. You are buying then, that time and knowledge. If your reservation has more than 4 participants, we can give you the “same map” scanned/printed with our information/knowledge of Paris. Maps without our intervention can be found for free at the tourist office of the city of Paris. The cost per extra “map” unit is 30 euros (with our knowledge). If you wish to purchase the same Paris by Martin content, in a larger format (70cm x 100cm), the price is 150 euros per unit. For the “large format” please request it as far in advance as possible as we do not ship nationally or internationally at the moment, so you can only take possession of it on your next trip if you request it well in advance before your arrival in Paris.

-The Paris map introduction of the tour

All our tours always start with a 20 to 30 minutes explanation of the map of Paris without exception. This is a fundamental part of our “Tour-Host” concept. Moreover, it is one of the favorite moments (within our experiences), for most of our clients. If you do not wish to have this introduction, you are looking for another type of tour company. Then, we recommend that you look for other tours with other companies.

-Our brand 10th anniversary (2012-2022)

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Paris by Martin brand (2012-2022) we have included additional details to our services that add great value and make our concept evolve.

1.We will be giving to the first private tour bookings a bottle of our “Paris by Martin” wine. Only for those reservations that actually takes place for dates, from January 1, 2022 to the end of the year 2022. It will be a biodynamic wine, Malbec, limited edition from our private cuvée of a prestigious Chateau. The gift of the bottle will be subject to availability. There will be about 100 bottles in total, numbered, which will also be offered as a gift to our usual faithful suppliers, decreasing the number of bottles available for our private tours. The first ones who book and confirm their tour reservations for 2022 and make them effective, will get one of these bottles. Those who cancel or change their tour date, will lose their bottle, which will be passed on to the next VIP client on the list. The annual production of at least 100 limited edition bottles of our wines will be analyzed at the beginning of each year. Therefore, for the moment, its continuity over time is not assured. The current production serves to celebrate the 10 years of the brand.

It has no commercial value. It is a gift. You agree that by taking possession of your Paris by Martin wine bottle, our company is not responsible for your actions, nor for the events and situations that may arise from the consumption of your bottle, neither on your person, nor on others, nor on things.

2-We are also launching our Paris by Martin map on-line, evolving our “host” concept phase. The “Paris´s advices” part, which aims to allow you to build up your own relationship and best version of Paris for you. On your own with our help. This will be activated and used after your tour. The aim of this map is to provide to you the possibility to enjoy in real time, and as easily and functionally as possible, your location in Paris at all times with respect to the main tourist attractions and our tips of the city. Our company is not responsible for the use you make of the map, nor for the actions and situations arising from its use. Nor will we be responsible for the information provided, which may be for different reasons, inaccurate, at some point and for various reasons (many of them external to our company).

You agree that you will not be able to make comments and/or reviews in any way or format of our on-line map, its content, its format, its functionality, etc. This is a freebie for those who purchase our tours, even though it is part of our concept.

In case you want to purchase the use of the map only and/or with some complements, this will be in any case and context, of limited use in time (to be determined by Paris by Martin in each particular case), with the same conditions and rules, as those who use it as a complementary gratuity to our experiences and contexts.

The use of the map will always be for the private use of the individual/individual who has booked and/or paid for the reservation. In the case of a reservation made by a third party, it will only be used by the client who has made the reservation. None of these actors may publish neither the access link to the map, nor the content, nor the designs, nor screenshots, etc.; neither totally nor partially, in any way or format. The base amounts for financial redress for doing so are set forth in these policies and conditions.

You may also, at some point, request virtual services that will be marketed by our company (virtual explanatory meetings of Paris, the assembly of circuits and content via virtual map or other, etc.). These other services have the same rules as mentioned above. Stay informed about our news. Our concept and brand are constantly evolving.

Some extended aspects of our concept

A) Outdoors only

Our tour/service concept is developed/rendered outdoors only. We do not go in/up/down/on… monuments, attractions (except when it is absolutely necessary in terms of health, security etc.). We do not exercise our craft/art/job inside in none of these places. We will walk and/or ride an e-bike trough Paris in a dynamic way.

We will pass/walk/ride/stop by those famous monuments as well as charming, hidden gems off the beaten path of Paris. We also “immerse into” / ride / walk by those charming streets, corners, areas, local authentic spots that makes this city, a unique “magical” one. After the tour you will be able to come back on your own, to those spots, areas, monuments, if you wish to dedicate them more time.

If we, have included or designed our tours/services concept indoors as well, in order to take the time to go inside one monument/attraction or more, that could mean that a tour could logistically speaking, include maybe only 1 or 1 and a half monuments (in a single tour). This is not what we do and we are not looking to provide that kind of experiences/services.

Each individual has their own expectations and personal criteria on what are the things they want to see, in which way, for how long… and that is why, FOR shared/group tours (for instance), IS the guide that decides what to see, for how long and how, in terms of his own criteria only, and according the guide´s agenda, logistics, etc. (guides appointments before or/and after your tour). This applies also for cases when you are the only reservation in a group/share tour/service.

B) Going inside monuments, attractions, is NOT part of our job, concept, service

If, for some reason, at any moment, we go inside attractions, monuments, buildings in general, etc., that means that the tour/service goes into a break/pause/stand by mode, etc. (like when we stop for restrooms), that moment is not part of our service, and whatever is done there is not connected at all with our company´s concept, job, work, commercial activities, etc.

You have not paid for that and it will be a “time we share as friends”. We will not be then doing our craft, art, job, work, and profession there. All those break/pauses etc. within the official time of the tour mean that you “loose” that time and cannot be claimed and/or recovered.

Have you done tours, services with us before? Are you coming with minors, seniors and/or special needs persons?

If you have already done tours with us previously, we strongly recommend to take/reserve private tours/services only in order to avoid in part or all the things you have already seen with us. This is due to situation that maybe the other participants in a group/share tours, have never done tours with us and want to see the things you are already things (such us classic attractions, etc.).

If you want to reserve a tour that include kids under 10 years old, we strongly recommend only private tours to adapt the tour to their needs (this is the same for older people and/or special need people). Our shared group tours are designed for adults up to a certain age, even when a lot of kids and seniors around the world have had tons of fun with us, and great memories/souvenirs.

Competitors / Competition

Reserving and/or being part in a tour/service rendered/given/offered/held by Paris by Martin, for, and/or on-behalf of competitors, and/or persons, organizations related to them and/or for persons/organizations offering similar activities/services in part or the whole of our design concept/service is forbidden (officially or not, authorized or not by whoever or whatever).

It is also forbidden to share, communicate and/or publish, aspect/s, content, etc. included on the Paris by Martin services (and/or bonuses and/or concept, etc.) in any place, way and format and with/to all these persons and/or organizations.

Going against this rule means that you accept to repair/pay to the owner/s of Paris by Martin Brand, and the company officially exploiting the Brand, in a legal and in an economic way.

We all parts accept, that the claim will have to be paid and repaired individually (each) by all participants/actors responsible of breaking these rules (persons, organization of all kind, etc.) for 100% of the earning they get for every service/activity they provide in which they include a part or the whole of the aspects we include in our services/activities.

Also, you will have to repair in terms of Brand rights, reputation and further impact in the future (in time) that the Brand suffers. All legal costs, lawyers´ fees, etc. of all parts will be paid by you from the beginning of any procedure (even previously when this applies…such us internet certificate for a broken rule/term, etc.).

Every individual person´s (participating in breaking the condition, term, rule, etc.), repair net amount (after taxes, fees, etc.), to be paid to the Brand owner and in addition to the company exploiting the Brand, will be not less than 5000 euros net.

Right of admission

Our company reserves the right to refuse admission (as well as the right to verify identity) to all persons, entities, organizations, etc., that could represent/bring any kind of conflict and/or that implies a certain risk for the correct, safe, optimal curse of the experience/service/tour provided.

This means the potential negative impact to the other clients, other persons and/or things taking and/or not taking part of the service (directly and/or indirectly) that could be affected by his/her/their/its participation.

For instance: right of admission in language terms, our experiences are designed for persons that speak fluent English and/or Spanish. Those persons that are not fluent in those languages (what our company consider fluent and/or hold a certification that proves the level of language), we recommend to look for other companies/services; right of admission for health, security, respect to others, competitors at all level, etc… reasons.

We will also apply our right of admission to all those persons, organizations, entities of all kind, that offer similar activities/services in any place in the world and, to all those (persons and organizations) who/which we have had any kind of conflict (formally, officially or not) in the past and/or the present.

This also include, those persons, organizations, entities, etc., related/connected somehow, in any degree, with those who we have had, “or have” (formally, officially or not), conflict; disagreement, are related to all level direct and/or indirect competitors, etc.

We will also apply or right of admission to all those persons and or entities that represent / spread values contrary to the ones this company and its staff represent/communicate.

French residents, foreign residents in France and their accompanying participants

This company do not take any more reservations with participants such as: Parisians, Paris residents, Ile de France residents, France residents (foreign or not) cause our services are not adapted to them. Our guides and resources are very limited by choice and nowadays we dedicate our entire efforts to non-French people / non-residents in France; only foreign and non-residents English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people (it is our specialization).

We could potentially / occasionally, if we decide so, organize some particular activities for that “French” market in order to show Parisians and our co-nationals French people, “our Paris”. In any case that, a French national/resident/non-French resident participates in one or more of our services/tours, they accept not to do a review/comment/note in any way or format (this rule applies also or their friends, acquaintances, other participants within their reservations and/or related to them somehow; their family individuals, etc.).

The 5000 euros net minimum amount (separately for both: Brand owner and in addiction, to the company, AND paid individually by every individual) will be also applied in these cases. This mean that every individual person´s (participating in breaking the condition, term, rule, etc. directly or not at all level), repair net amount (after taxes, fees, etc.), to be paid to the Brand (Paris by Martin) owner and in addition to the company exploiting the Brand, will be not less than 5000 euros net (per person and per person and entity to be repaired).

If one or more participating persons/individuals refuse to repair, paid, you accept to take his/her/their/its responsibility, in addition, accumulating amounts/debt, when paying/repairing economically and legally.

If these choices and/or decisions, that we have taken as a company, produce: any kind actions against us, and/or negative reviews/comments and/or down-grade note in any format and way to our company and/or Brand (Paris by Martin), our company and brand owners will be repaired (separately and by each individual) legally and economically by: you/those persons, organizations, entities, etc., in terms of damage of reputation, web/internet positioning, loss of future earnings, etc.

A public apologize will have to be published in addition (with our approval in the format, the way, format and the periodicity/frequency we determine and until our company consider that the damage is repaired). You will also stop, erase, unpublished, etc. immediately, all expressions, actions, etc. of all kind that affect and/or impact our company and brand. You will cease your attitude, actions, etc., and you will provide full formal proof showing that those actions were done immediately.  

If, for any reason you still participate in a reservation/service/tour, you have to remember that you are accepting and/or participating that you have read, understand, accept this full text conditions at the moment of taking a reservation with us and the obligations you accept towards your group participants as well as described in the text.

If you do not understand le text of these terms, conditions, policies; you do not manage the English and/or the Spanish language well enough to do it, you accept that it is you exclusive responsibility (as well as your responsibility on behalf of the participants of your reservation): to translate on your own, at your cost only, cause you accept our services is are not designed for the persons above described.

Other general statements, rules, conditions.

Not reading this full text is your entire responsibility as well as communicating this full text to all participants. If you have persons in charge (minors, special need people, others), you take full responsibility for them and their actions.

Any actions, comments, reviews, notes, expressions of all kind, etc., that damage, has a negative impact, call into question, our company´s and/or Brand (Paris by Martin) and/or as individuals reputation, expressed in any way and format and/or that goes against what is stated and described in this full text (that you “read, understand, accept” when making a reservation with our company and/or Brand), could be used against you and/or your reservation participants, in/during legal actions /procedures aiming a full moral, public, legal, economic reparation from your and/or your tour participants part to us (only in the local Parisian courts, the only courts that can be used according to our terms, conditions and policies accepted by you and your reservation participants via you).

All costs of any kind, of all parts (legal fees, taxes, lawyers´ fees, etc.), will be exclusively paid by you and/or your reservation participants since the beginning of the legal action/s, procedure/s, etc.

We remind you that any previous costs, to those legal actions and/or procedures or other, such as those costs involved in searching the authors (their identities) of those actions, comments, expressions, reviews about our company, brand and/or individuals that are part of our organization and that are published and/or expressed in any way and format (for instance: TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and other similar platforms and/or websites, and other on and off-line formats, written or oral, THAT in general basis hide the users/authors information and they force us to act via/through very expensive legal actions to release that information in order to start legal actions against users), will be entirely/in-full paid by you too (and/or your reservation participants).

Some of these “previous” costs could include: lawyers appointment fees; notary fees for an internet statement/s certificate/s of what it is published with full description of what was expressed, when, where, how, IP ID, among other things; other legal and administration costs, taxes, etc.

These examples or global size platforms that use their dominant position in their markets and determine what is “their truth, as the truth” unilaterally (which actions and way of operating is not transparent at all, even it terms of fair competition rules, monitoring, etc. between companies using their platforms, etc.), abusing of their positions and power over small structures, organizations, will respond as well to repair and paid to our company, brand and individuals, according to their role and participations in the damage caused to us.

All persons, entities, organizations of all kind, reserving our services somehow, directly or not, and/or using in full or partly aspects of our concept, content in any way or format, that not respect this full text, of terms, conditions, policies, rules, mean that you have unmilitary broke the contract of service provided by our company and/or the property of the brand, concept, content and/you accept this will and/or could be used against you in Parisian courthouses as described before. 


In accordance with Articles L.616-1 and R.616-1 of the Consumer Code, our company has set up a consumer mediation system. The mediation entity retained is: CNPM – MEDIATION – CONSUMPTION. In case of dispute, you can file your claim on its website: http://cnpm-mediation-consommation.eu or by mail by writing to CNPM – MEDIATION – CONSOMMATION – 27 Avenue de la Libération 42400 SAINT-CHAMOND.

IMPORTANT: why such a long, demanding, detailed “policies, terms & conditions” text?

The extension and detail of this text of: policies, terms and conditions, aims to contemplate, consider, limit, extinguish… all possibilities of having those trouble situations that we have suffered as a company in all these years since we exist as an organization (situation of speculations, malicious actions, non-considerate and non-respectful individuals, etc.), deviating our attention for a limited time from what it matters the most to us: the time, detail and quality we dedicate to our clients/friends.

This text allow us to earn/gain precious time (cause we are such a small company with such a limited amount of resources that produces extremely quality-detail-services – this is our everyday choice since the beginning), stating and imposing the acceptance of very clear rules and procedures from the very beginning of the reservation process, in order to focus exclusively in clients (in how we make them happy and in maintaining the highest level of detail and service of the city of Paris has when it comes to tours/services/tourism).

Our reputation, reliability, credibility, business trajectory in all these years with no exception (despite challenging situations), as the best tour/service/concept in tourism in the city of Paris, shows that, our clients are our only interest.

We may have rates a few more euros, dollars, etc. than the other companies but we provide far away much much more than every single one of them.

the key of Paris is yours

“We choose not to do big tours, we choose to work much more harder than any other company in Paris for you, we chose to go with fewer people, with fewer amount of tours, we choose to be the best on what we do, ONLY in your own interest, we choose to leave our foot prints in Paris history, we choose to make friends, to share, to give, we choose to create Parisian beasts to make them the best travelers walking out there on their own too, we choose glory…” Martin

**Only emergency calls when calling to our official phones from 10pm to 9am.  **Friendship has a limit and is subjective and cannot be subject to/of legal terms. **Calling, texting and other ways of communication are subject to availability.

All displayed pictures, illustrations, design/s, text, etc. are rights reserved (owned by Martin M. Muda).

If this text is copied/published/use, etc. in part or total by any person, entity, organization without Martin M. Muda or Martin Muda EI written approval (only by/via our official e-mail), that means that these persons/entities organizations agree and accept pay Paris by Martin owner the amount of 5000 euros net after taxes, fees, charges, etc. within 48 hours from the moment they copy the text somewhere in any way and/or format. After that period a 3.26% interest per day will be added (in addition, calculated on the unpaid remainder amount of your debt; this percentage level is updated every year by the French government).