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Paris By Martin is a Brand manage by a company called Martin Muda EI, SIRET 5146605620042, under the French law, registered as “Entrepreneur Individuel”.

Editor and designer: is designed and edited by: 1) Illustrations owned by Martin Muda. 2) Web master/developer: Emmanuel Winstein (La Couleur du Zebre),

Internet Hosting Service:

Antagonist B.V. –


This website is subject to a declaration with the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL-France) under the law number 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Computers, files and liberties.

On accessing the website, users declare that they have taken cognizance of the information provided below, they agree with the conditions of use as referred to below and authorize Paris by Martin (and/or the company exploiting legally the brand and/or the owner/s of the brand) to process and use the personal details, data, information provided by you in accordance with the conditions set out hereunder as well as the terms, conditions and policies of Martin Muda EI describe in this website.

French Data Processing and Civil Liberties Law

Pursuant to the French law of 6 January 1978 concerning data processing, files and personal liberties, as modified by the law on the protection of private individuals regarding the processing of personal data dated 6 August 2004, you have the right to access, alter, correct or delete any data that relates to you and you can do this by applying by e-mail to and mentioning in your message/subject. For further information please read our policies (link).

The elements and resources published and/or accessible on the Site as well as within all kind of communications we provide and all things given (tangible-intangible), in any way and format, elements and resources such as, (but not limited to): texts, photographs, pictures, illustrations, icons, sounds, videos, software, expressions, slogans, databases, (data are also protected by intellectual, service and industrial property rights), or other privative rights that are owned by the owner of the brand Paris by Martin, are protected and exclusive to Paris by Martin brand owner/s (and/or those who are authorized by the brand owner for a limited period).

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The reproduction of part and/or all documents, elements, resources published on the site or in any way and format, is solely authorized for information purposes only for personal and private use (no sharing in any format and way). Any reproduction, any use of copies made for other purposes is expressively prohibited.

It is also illegal to copy, modify, create derivative work, disassemble the elements resources experiences things given, attempt to locate the source code (except as provided for by law) or to sell, assign, sub-license or transfer Software and Applications, elements, resources, concept, reputation that are part of our brand.

It is also forbidden to modify the software or to use modified versions of the software, particularly but not exclusively in order to obtain unauthorized access to the service or to access the Site through an interface other than that provided by the Publisher (La Couleur du Zebre) and Paris by Martin owner for this purpose.

Paris by Martin brand owner/s reserves the right to seek damages for infringement and generally affects its intellectual property rights.

This site respects the authors’ rights. All the rights of the authors of protected works reproduced and communicated on this site are reserved. Unless authorized to do so, any use of the Works other than for individual and private reproduction and consultation is prohibited.


Paris by Martin owner/s and the exploiting company categorically declines all responsibility for the contents of other websites to which the Paris by Martin’s Website and/or all kind of communication in any way and format provides links.

Whatever type of link is in place on an external site and “pointing” to this site, the company reserves the right to deny the operation of such links.

Please read the full text of our terms, conditions and policies that further describe what you are accepting at the moment of reserving a service with us and/or use somehow at all level in part on in full our concept, designs, texts, pictures, illustrations, etc.


Paris by Martin web site as well as our company procedures is adapted as well to the European Community regulations in terms of persona data/information privacy regulations and rights.

Privacy Policy (accepted when reserving our services or other):

You have to give explicit acceptance before and/or when, sending a reservation request-form, and/or an e-mail, text message, WhatsApp and/or other formal way you may use, when requesting availability and/or a reservation and/or information request or whatever to Us/our Company.

If you choose for any reason, (such us last minute call request) other oral and/or non written ways, you will have to send us by the mean we choose at that time, always before our service starts (an e-mail, text message, WhatsApp, or other with…) the following phrase:

“I………(name and surname) accept from my part and on behalf of my reservation participants your policy for personal date/information privacy as well as your full terms, conditions and policies. I have read, understand and accept all of them. The fact of reading or not reading these texts is my exclusive responsibility as well as my reservation participants”.

Similar formulas could be accepted but of these elements have to be included to be accepted in our services (in order to full-fill the 2nd requirement to be accepted and confirmed, described in our terms). If the Guide and/or our company representative and/or the person authorized by the company have doubts about your phrase, the example phrase will be the only one accepted (with your name and surname).

Also, the full amount of your reservation could be requested before starting your service (3rd requirement). Requirements 1 and 3 will be requested to be full-filled as well, before de service starts for these cases. If there are not required at before the start time, you accept to full-fill them during or immediately after the service.  

In addition you could be asked to show your ID at the beginning of your tour to prove your identity and our company representative will take a picture of your ID and another one of yourself holding it (next to your group participants), to prove that it was you who showed up.

If you refuse, to at least one of these requests, no service is confirmed and you will not be part of it (nor your participants accompanying you) and you accept just for accepting our terms, condition and policies that you will be responsible for yourself and the other participants of your group even if you do not have a reservation to repair publicly, legally, economically according to terms for the impact you produce in our brand, company, staff, other (persons and property).

Details on the privacy and use of private information

Responsible: Martin Muda EI, limited according our terms, conditions and policies.

Purpose: (…of getting, treating and use data you give us)  – knowing more about you in order to maximize and adapt our services/experiences in Paris to get the best version of the city for you and your reservation participants (“the Paris you are looking for…”; to be able to contact you in diverse ways/means in case is necessary for health, security, logistic purposes etc.; in order develop this concept “client/friend” we offer and remain in contact by sending you communications in this matter and letting you know about our company and Brand news; in order to recognize you when coming back to Paris and be able to adapt and better assist you and/or advice you in terms of our tour/host, “friendship” concept for a life-time*; in order to be able if we visit your city or country to ask you for advice, assistance in case we need it; in order to have more information about quantity of persons, country of origin, city of origin, times you been in Paris, most common wishes for Paris, options taken, kind of tours taken, etc. in order to understand and identify the “kind / profile” of clients we receive and how we can develop, promote and improve, our proposals to them/among them; etc.

Legitimation: when you accept the terms, conditions and policies at the moment of a reservation request and/or you use somehow our website and their published and/or non published resources.

Destination: your data is kept in our website back office as well as website server/host in Netherlands “Antagonist B.V. –”; some of your data is also kept indirectly in our Gmail official account and/or reservation e-mail account,  via reservation web-form e-mail or other as well as your communications with us via e-mail (or other) afterwards. French phone operators such us Free and Bouygues Telecom provide to us phone, data, internet services via our smartphones so they may hold some data too.

Duration: until the Paris by Martin brand owner/s no longer exist/s.

Your rights: to access, rectify, limit, delete your data by writing and e-mail to and mentioning in your message/subject. For further information please read our policies (link).


This web uses its own cookies, which purpose is to ensure its proper functioning and also 3rd party cookies (type analytics) that allow our company to understand your Internet use related to our company only in order to provide the best possible service/s, experience/s. You can change its settings, deactivate them or obtain further information. 

Our limited responsibility:

We are not responsible at all of/for what Google, Facebook, Trip advisor, PayPal, Banks, Amazon, Credit cards, Plugins, Apps, other social network solutions, and their subsidiaries / products / business units, as well as other person/s, entities and/or organizations of all kinds, do with your data if they have access to it, via our website, mails, forms, plugins, etc. This is beyond our capabilities and responsible as a company and as individuals.

Our investments/efforts in terms of security / privacy:

We request and we pay to our web master / design / communication provider organization (Web master/developer: Emmanuel Winstein – La Couleur du Zebre – to keep updated our website (as well as, all elements within our website…their integration into this web with social network solutions, plugins, forms, software, text, etc. in terms of security, data protection /privacy, legal requirements, rules, regulations etc. that apply, etc.

Adapting our website, procedures, etc. to all regulations, providing content, etc. takes time, great effort and other resources. Paris by Martin brand owners, own the content, here described.


In accordance with Articles L.616-1 and R.616-1 of the Consumer Code, our company has set up a consumer mediation system. The mediation entity retained is: CNPM – MEDIATION – CONSUMPTION. In case of dispute, you can file your claim on its website: or by mail by writing to CNPM – MEDIATION – CONSOMMATION – 27 Avenue de la Libération 42400 SAINT-CHAMOND.

All displayed pictures, illustrations, design/s; text, etc. are rights reserved (owned by Martin M. Muda).

If this text is copied/published/use, etc. in part or total by any person, entity, organization without Martin M. Muda  and/or Martin Muda EI written approval (only by/via our official e-mail), that means that these persons/entities organizations agree and accept pay Paris by Martin owner the amount of 5000 euros net after taxes, fees, charges, etc. within 48 hours from the moment they copy the text somewhere in any way and/or format. After that period a 3.26% interest per day will be added (in addition, calculated on the unpaid remainder amount of your debt; this percentage level is updated every year by the French government).