Friends of Paris by Martin & Friends

Paris by Martin is happy to introduce to you our partners around the world. Welcome to the Paris by Martin Partners Club.

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RoomsThatRock4Chemo (RTR4C) mobilizes compassionate artists, designers, and volunteers to transform chemotherapy treatment facilities into vibrant, beautiful spaces that encourage healing and hope for all who are affected by cancer. RTR4C envisions a world in which all who are touched by cancer – regardless of income, geography, background, or age – have access to inspiring and hopeful chemotherapy treatment facilities that support the healing process. RTR4C views nurses, physicians, patients, and families as co-creators and engages these critical stakeholders to design beautiful, purposeful, and culturally inclusive treatment spaces. We know that beautiful and inspiring treatment spaces can help improve self-confidence of patients and better support families. RTR4C believes simple solutions have the power to solve complex problems; in a single weekend, a treatment space can be redesigned to substantially and positively transform the healing process. La Mie de Pain is a well known organization which motto -From emergency to insertion- summarizes the goal of providing emergency assistance to people in need and assist their reintegration into the social and professional world. And also it raises awareness to the problem of exclusion in our society and to start paying attention to the people in need and the bad conditions under which they live in. Laurent Danis, created the official video for Paris by Martin. Laurent is French, a very good friend and a talented photographer who has worked all over the world. A highly respected educational institution that joins the Paris by Martin Partners Club. They are specialized on the events management field. An iconic institution in Latin America now with a global presence. Hans Peter Schepp is a good Dutch friend who created the whole web site for Paris by Martin. His know-how has allowed me to develop the interaction of a group of tools to finally reach my own tailor-made website (reservations system, social media, among other things) perfect for my activity. Vanesa Galiano, has done every single illustration for this website. She is an extremely generous person coupled with a great sense of humour and has a huge talent for understanding your dreams and vision and making them a reality. Sergio Suarez, wrote some of the promotional and institutional documents. He is a very good friend since forever. Sergio has wide experience in the design and printing areas and he is absolutely efficient, a great human being with an inexhaustible creativity.