Flea Markets of Paris: how to approach them

Why flea markets, antiques, memorabilia, antiques are a clear path to understand?

old lamp marche saint ouen
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Flea markets and antiques markets offer a great opportunity to dive in Paris history and the understanding of the city. In conclusion, a great place to start.

Maybe we don’t realize that a lot of abandoned and old objects hide the soul of this tale called Paris. Maybe by finding thousands of them, we are not even looking at the very little peak of the iceberg.

We say that Paris cannot only be discovered through the usual common spots, places and traditional food and souvenir. However, LITTLE (but BIG in spirit) stories and things, made also the Paris that we are looking for.
In short, curiosity DID NOT kill the cat in Paris. Moreover, it showed him those forgotten treasures.

For instance, throurgh an old job now disappeared, or an old expression that make no sense nowadays, an old guy, once a celebrity in his own neighborhood in the 40´s, but never shown in the official story books of Paris. What a great environment to find a special souvenir of Paris, a special something that carries a piece of the city of Paris and you own story in the city. Your own special relationship with this wonderful place. So, why don´t we bring them back and get the best version ever, that Paris can offer us.

Relic anecdotes by the antique markets: “Fishing the Moon”

So why don’t we start with the legendary Parisian “Fishermen of the moon”? Those rag and bone men who used to walk the streets at night looking for valuable things in the garbage.

In the very beginning, they only had temporary stalls around the walls of Paris. Nowadays, they have some special spots to make them come back alive. Places where time is not relevant, where the FORGOTTEN, becomes the most popular, where new is empty, with no value. Memories, token, relic, souvenir, memorabilia are the way.

In some of those special antiques markets of Paris, markets of hidden great stories, thousands of sleeping objects wait to be discovered. Those that have much more value, than the value of money. Those with stories worth telling. Come with us, we will tell you about the flea markets Paris.

We like to think that once, at the very beginning, a Fisherman of the Moon, somehow, found Paris by Martin during one of those endless searching nights. We could be then, your secret open door to this magic city of lights. The door that brings you, those forgotten characters, the charming soul of Paris.

Some links you may want to explore:

Marche Aux Puces – ST Ouen (the biggest flea / antiques market). Market filled with great stuff in great condition.

Marche de Vanves – Porte de Vanves. My second favorite, where we can find and purchase thing with less budget. This is a spot where most of things will need some work afterwards, therefore the rates.

Discover more spots, get advice with Paris by Martin, best local tour host of Paris.

Paris open to you like never before, not only in flea markets

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