The most exceptional king ever in the history of France?

November 28, 2012  |  Uncategorized

November, 2012 

He was so ambitious that he conquered many territories. He was so worried about his homeless handicap soldiers in Paris that he decided to build up the “Hôtel des Invalides” (a hospital disable soldiers). He was so concerned about his public image that he designed his own propaganda as the “Sun King” illuminating Europe with his knowledge and culture together with iconic characters such as Moliere and La Fontaine. He felt so short that he invented for himself some kind of high heals to be taller. Then, he forbade their use for the rest of mortals. He was the tallest! A war king, a culture king, a fashion king…was not he the best king ever in the history of France? He also built up Versailles but that s another weird and funny history. Come to further into details and to find out what is all about!

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