Fishing the Moon in secret trash cans of Paris

September 10, 2014  |  Story of the month


Maybe we don’t realize that a lot of abandoned and old objects hide the soul and history of Paris. Maybe by finding thousands of them, we are not even looking at the very little peak of the iceberg.
Paris cannot only be discovered through the usual common spots, places, tradicional food and souvenirs…LITTLE (but BIG in spirit) stories and things made also the Paris that we are looking for!
Curiosity DID NOT kill the cat in Paris: it showed him those forgotten treasures…sometimes and old job now disappeared, and old expression that make no sense nowadays, an old guy, a celebrity in his own neighborhood in the 40´s, never shown in the official story books of Paris.

Flea markets Paris

Flea markets Paris

Flea markets Paris

So why don’t we start with the legendary Parisian “Fishermen of the moon”? Those rag and bone men who used to walk the streets at night looking for valuable things in the garbage. In the very beginning they had only temporary stalls around the walls of Paris, nowadays, they have some special spots to make them come back alive. Places where time is not relevant, where the FORGOTTEN becomes the most popular. In some of those special flea markets in Paris, markets of hidden great stories, thousands of sleeping objects are waiting to be discovered, those that have much more than the value of money, those with stories worth telling…come with us, we will show you the flea markets Paris.

We like to think that once, at the very beginning, Paris by Martin was found on one of those nights by a Fisherman of the Moon and could be your secret open door to this magic city of lights and that the spirits of all those forgotten characters live with us.

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“Thou Shalt Not Call a Pig […]“

April 2, 2014  |  Story of the month

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Among a lot of wise things, Napoleon once said: “There are so many laws that no one is safe from hanging”. And no sooner said than done he dictated the law that prohibited people naming their pigs after him.

photo 1

Time passed by and no one ever changed nor deleted that law and, nowadays apart from being in serious trouble if you break that one, you wouldn’t want to be caught kissing someone in a train station, but, well…that’s another story…

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Tap water in Paris safe to drink?

November 28, 2012  |  Story of the month

“The running water of Paris worth drinking a good tea”

October, 2012 


Tap water in Paris Safe? Paris by Martin

Tap water in Paris Safe? Paris by Martin

Is tap water in Paris safe to drink? It is a general accepted fact: Tap water in Paris has very special qualities. It is also commonly accepted that we talk about very good water. Water is one the main characters of the Parisian history…  many historic floods (one of them turned Paris into Venice), the left bank swamps forgotten after medieval times, part or entire iconic buildings floating since the XIX century and thousands of incredible stories connected to the most popular drink in the world.

Paris keeps a few natural water sources in some specific spots along the city. Some of them are witnesses of hundreds of visitors passing by without being noticed. They are accessible to general public. Among this universe of stories, spoken by a few, kept almost as a secret state affaire…It is said that everyday in the Embassy of Great Britain someone is sent out to get some water from one of this accessible but unknown sources nearby. Of course! The best tea deserves the best water we can get! Join us to know more about these stories!

Paris by Martin tells you the secret stories behind the Parisian historic scene. 

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An ancient Parisian hero…more popular than Lady Gaga?

November 28, 2012  |  Story of the month

September, 2012 

Victor Hugo, an iconic writer, a politician being, respected by the crowds, left this world in May 1885 and more than 1 million people went out to street to say goodbye to this great man and to celebrate his life. In 1998, France won the Football world cup for the first time in France and even with all the media resources, marketing, merchandising of modern times…less people went out to the streets than the Victor Hugo funerals witnessed. Victor Hugo still lives in Notre Dame, in the Lutetia Arena, in some of the greatest novels ever and in many other things in our Parisian life….but that is another story to be continued. Come to discover what is all about…

Paris by Martin tells you the secret stories behind the Parisian historic scene.

The glowing little brother of the “Sun King” (Louis XIV)

August 6, 2012  |  Story of the month

August, 2012. 

Did you know that the portraits of the royal family (with Luis XIII, Anne of Austria, the young heritor King Luis XIV and a mysterious little girl), back in 1600 (“The three musketeers” time), hide an incredible secret?

It was maybe, one of the best kept secrets in the kingdom for a long time. That mysterious little girl, in fact was not a girl. The royal couple wanted to have a girl at that time that destiny did not provided that luck. Denying this reality the royal couple raised, dressed and treat, Louis XIV younger brother, the duke of Orleans, like a girl. This will allowed the birth of a chick, glamorous, beautiful character and icon that was loved by crowds and therefore named “The king of Paris”. Even Louis XIV was regularly jealous about his beautiful, glamorous, glowing younger brother…the Duke of Orleans.

Other jealous reactions of Louis XIV (The Sun King) allowed and materialized the most legendary palace ever but that….that is another story.

Paris by Martin tells you the secret stories behind the Parisian historic scene.