The best of the best tea spots in Paris

Tea kick off facts

tea in paris ice tea spot boutique saloon shop
Ice tea break – Paris by Martin private tour

As you may know already, France do not produce tea. Therefore, France import tea from all over the world. Then, tea arrives to our Paris precious best tea spots, boutiques and saloons. These are the best tea spots in Paris.

We can find all sorts of places in Paris with different tea approaches according to the different cultures of tea and their origins. Chinese traditional tea, Japanese, Russian, English, French tea, etc.

We can import tea from diverse origins. China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam among others.

You can drink tea in many ways. Hot, cold (ice tea), icecreaaaaaammm (yeahh), etc.

What kind of Tea can we find these days in Paris?

tea shop mariage freres paris boutique ice tea
Ice tea at Mariage Freres Paris

Paris offers through their stores and boutiques all kinds of tea; black tea, green tea, read tea and white tea. These days we also have blue and Yellow. All these nuances are a matter of oxidation. Indeed, we may compare this oxidation process, to the coffee roasters “Maillard Reaction”.

For instance, Blue tea, is somewhere between black and green tea when it comes to the process. Hence, is by applying oxidation half the road, between one and the other. Also, it is off season, so it is a rarity. In fact, they produce a very good one in New Zealand but could be close to 80 euros for 100grs.

On the other side, we create Yellow tea, taking a special Chinese green tea and applying negative oxidation to it. Furthermore, this means the lack of oxygen. In a word, that is how Yellow tea is born.

On the contrary, but not so far, in a more detailed way. Some experts classify tea in 6 categories. On the whole, Black / Red tea, Oolong / Wulong tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Fermented & Pu´erh.

What is the Paris by Martin fav tea spots?

Firstly, I can say that it could be an easy internet search to pick Angelina as a tea saloon. Of course, you are not going to be disappointed in terms of quality and decoration. As far as the tourist crowd issue, also the fact of waiting in line. Besides, the fact that there are better places if you want to focus in tea itself, is a good place. Sure. You can also try La Duree at Champs Elysees. The same spot profile for tourism crowds looking for a Marie Antoinetish kind of thing.

If you are a tea lover and you want to focus in the French tea world experience and nothing else the mains choices are two. Dammann Frères or, my day to day and favorite French tea… Mariage Frères. Everybody in da´house say yeahh!

Well, is not a secret, we pretty much all know about and love Mariage Frères.

French tea approach is about adding some floral and or fruits natural flavors to high quality tea. Consequently Mariage Frères is my number one pick when it comes to French tea.

The case of Mariage Frères tea boutiques

paris best tea spot shop decortion mindcentury french tea flavoured tea
Part of Martin´s tea collection – Mariage Frères

In brief, I love quality, details, vintage decoration and charm. This brand makes the choice easier for myself and a lot of Parisians like me. Their boutiques are a travel in time. They have more than 10 stores. The choices of stores give you the opportunity of choosing a spot off the beaten track. Away from turists´ crowds. My favorite, is the one in Saint Germain area. They import tea since 1854!

My “must have” of Mariage Frères are: Vert Provence (green tea lavender roses and berries), Sweet Shanghai (green tea and mis of flowers), Bolero (black tea peach and apricot), Marco Polo (Black tea, best seller and secret recipe), Sakura (white tea with cherries). There you go! You save years of research tigers! Like a big time 3, last second!

Further, in their shops you find the most charming wooden counters where you can purchase your tea. More than 400 choices! You can also find a tea saloon when you can do a degustation and also lunch. Love it!

A world acclaimed classic Chinese tea boutique in Paris

tea boutique saloon shop paris maison de trois thés
A Maison de Trois Thés moment – tea boutique

If we talk about classic non-French tea in Paris, there may be a very few iconic spots. There are maybe 4 or 5 recognized big masters of Tea in the entire world. Among this exclusive group there is only a woman.

This Lady is Madame Tseng and she is based in Paris. She has the biggest “Tea Bank” in Europe in her “Maison des Trois Thés”.

She has travelled to extreme environments all around the planet to get the best and most hard to get tea ever. From high mountain areas, to unreachable deep spots in exotic rainforests, and so on.

Did you know that the most expensive tea is far more expensive then the most expensive coffee? Did you know that there are millenary teas that could cost more than a million euros? For beginners, for experts. An exotic universe to discover in Paris. A must for tea lovers in Paris!

How Paris by Martin can help you find the best tea spots?

Martin camouflaged as tourist

Paris by Martin is your best tour-host in Paris. We do not have any kind of agreements with any resturant, cafe, shop or whatever. therefore, our clients / friends they have one single important rule to respect. In brief, never mention Martin or his company name in any spot we recommend. We do not get money or other from them. Martin does not want that, and is not our job at all to do so. We only earn with our own effort and dedication. We only want the best for our guys.

Our unprecedented concept, passion, love for details and dedication make us the best service ever in Paris. Check our tours and reserve. We are your key to Paris. We are the Paris you are looking for!

Best restaurants in Paris episode 1

Restaurants: a wide variety for every taste

In Paris you do not need to get necessarily fancy to access the best restaurants in Paris. Further, you do not need to get a Michelin star one to make it. In brief, there is a wide variety of options from classics, local traditional bistros and brasseries, family biz restaurant, modern cuisine, award restaurant, among other categories. This is episode 1.

Best restaurants tips with Paris by Martin

A classic dish, a classic restaurant

Let´s talk about a classic: le Soufflé. This word means “breath” in French. It had a widespread acceptance as a delicacy by nobles and the royalty since Louis IV, the Sun King. Therefore, this is one the classic elementary basic dishes in French traditional cuisine.

The Soufflé is a simple dish but very hard to achieve. Hence, you will see at home. When to take it from the oven, it goes down quite quickly. Gone! So, now let me tell you where you can get those amazing balloons Soufflés that never give up. HA!

The iconic Le Soufflé restaurant

In this very first post I would like to talk a very special addressee. In the very heart of Paris, we can find one of the best kept original secrets of the French gastronomy. The place is called Le Soufflé and almost every single dish there is a Soufflé.

Starter, main dish, desert…sweet, salty… so simple, so complex and extremely creative. Visit: Le Souffle. You need to reserve there. It is a very local popular spot for both locals and travelers.

Some good tips for Soufflé restaurant

Paris by Martin advice about restaurants and much more

A piece of advice, do not ask to share cause a double size soufflé will come to you. That soufflé will cost double. So, no bargain there. Do not go for a first step, just get main dish and desert. That will be more than enough my friends!

If I were you, I would go for 1 savory soufflé as a main dish a 1 sweet desert souffle each. You can all choose different ones and then pass it to your co-eaters to get the wider degustation.

Do not lose the Roquefort with pears one or the raspberry one with white chocolate heart, yummmmmmyeyeyeye!

The service will be slow cause everything is fresh and done real time, so will have to order everything at the very beginning. Briefly, one shot order.

The Soufflé restaurant feedback

Is not fancy. Is not expensive nor cheap, hence is just the right amount of this classic simple fresh great addressee. In brief, I have been in this place thousands of times. With journalists, with clients / friends (cause most of our clients become friends). I been there with all sorts of people from different cultures and nationalities. Guess what, everyone likes Le Soufflé. Is one of my greatest play safe options. Enjoy it!

A Plan B for a soufflé restaurant?

If you are looking for a more sophisticated spot. Moreover, if you appreciate some privacy Le Recamier may be the best plan B you can get. Also, it could be a plan A if you like fancier.

Many celebrities and politicians prefer this addressee because of these characteristics. Also, because their souffles are top notch. If I were you, I will go for the lobster soufflé. for the desert, the salted caramel one is the winner! In a word, check them out at Le Recamier.

Best advices with Martin

Paris by Martin help you get the best restaurants

Paris by Martin is your best tour-host in Paris. Our unprecedented concept, passion, love for details and dedication make us the best service ever in Paris. Check our tours and reserve. We are your key to Paris. We are the Paris you are looking for!

Victor Hugo the best of Parisian heroes

Victor Hugo´s tomb at the Pantheon in Paris e-bike tour paris by martin
The Pantheon – Victor Hugo´s tomb

Victor Hugo, an iconic writer and a politician being. Adopted by Parisians as one of their own. The crowds around France and the world respected him. He was giving the example first in many matters and then talking. He had a remarkable moral authority for the public. A stunning valid interlocutor that saved tons of patrimony. Paris owe him immeasurably. The profile of one of the biggest Parisian heroes that rest in the Pantheon forever.

You can visit Victor Hugo´s house and the Pantheon on your own.

Victor Hugo more famous than Lady Gaga?

What is the difference between beauty and aesthetics? Basically, aesthetics cannot go or survive through the test of time. Further, it belongs to a certain limited period of time. Then, after than time is out of use, “ugly” non-relevant. Beauty, remains! Indeed, what a great one to define Victors Hugo work. Considered beauty on his time and after him. Almost untouchable to time.

Victor Hugo Notre Dame of Paris Cuasimodo hunchback
Victor Hugo – Notre Dame of Paris

In brief, a beautiful definition. I owe that one to my art teacher Monica. I carry with me her teachings everywhere I go for ever.

Victor Hugo, the Parisian hero, left this world in May 1885. More than 1.2 million people went out to street to say goodbye. In a word, a farewell to this great man. Furthermore, to celebrate his life and legacy.

In 1998, France won the Football world cup for the first time. Celebrated in our own country, France! Hence, the milestone in French sport history. Despite all the media modern technics invested, marketing efforts, merchandising and other unprecedented resources to communicate and deliver the news to the world. Less people went out to the streets to celebrate than the amount of souls that were there to honor Victor Hugo.

Some media talked that the world cup crowds celebrations reached almost reach 1 million. Not even close to Victor Hugo´s funeral crowds. Wi no media, with no smoke nor lights. Just man with values.

We can set just as an example. We may like Lady Gaga´s work a lot today, not sure if it will be appreciated in 100 years. Maybe, aesthetically framed in our times only for acceptance. But Victor Hugo has achieved centuries already. The more the time goes, the most his work gains appreciation and R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Thanks Aretha also for your contribution)!

Victor Hugo´s foot prints in Paris

Victor Hugo´s path can teach us and help us to understand a big deal of Paris. He is one of those key doors that opens to enlightenment of what Paris is today.

He still lives in Notre Dame, in the Arenas of Lutetia. Also, in some of the greatest novels ever and in many other things that constitutes our Parisian life. That is another story…Quasimodo waits for you and many other characters.

the key of Paris with Paris by Martin tours victor hugo
The key of Paris

Find Victor Hugo in Paris

Join us in one of our tours and discover more charming, fun aspects of Paris. We turn people into Parisian beasts, our guys / clients are the best out there on their own afterwards. This is Paris by Martin, we are your keep to Paris. We are the Paris you are looking for! Reserve.

All you need to know about water in Paris

Water of Paris throughout history

One of my favorite sayings on this drinking matter: “The running water of Paris worth drinking a good tea”. Let´s dive into all you may need to know about water in Paris.

Is tap water in Paris safe to drink? A general accepted fact. In addition to this, tap water in Paris has very special qualities. Also, it is commonly accepted that we talk about very good water.

Water in Paris River Seine floods
Pont Neuf former spot of La Samaritaine Water Pomp 1604 in Paris – Seine River

Water is one the main characters, a key element of Parisian history. The city has witnessed many historic floods. One of them, the worst of all, turned Paris into Venice back in 1910. However, the Seine river was surprisingly almost dry right before that happened.

How about the left bank swamps forgotten after medieval times? Furthermore, how about those iconic buildings built up partially floating since the XIX century.

Uncountable facts, anecdotes, tales, stories connected to this essential key element. Consequently, Paris has its own very close relationship with water throughout time. In a word, what I call, the Paris “water print” episodes.

Tap water in Paris, safe to drink?

Yes, Paris has one of the most quality water networks among the main cities in the world. In brief, if you have doubts about the tap water about your hotel or your rental apartment, you can go for it. That is what the water and local authorities says and what. So, we, the Parisians trust and do with no health risks. So far, so good!

Paris water fountains and natural water sources

Water for tea in Paris
Best water for the best tea

Paris keeps a few natural water sources in some specific spots along the city. Some of them are witnesses of hundreds of visitors passing by without being noticed even though they are accessible to general public.

Among this universe of stories, spoken by a few. Almost a secret state affaire. They say, that every day, the Embassy of Great Britain sends someone out to get some water from one of this accessible but unknown sources nearby their palace.

Of course! The best tea deserves the best water we can get! On the other side, Paris offers more than 1,200 water fountains spread-out-all-over Paris. Check them out!

Peculiar Parisian water facts

Did you know that Paris offers just a handful of sparkling water fountains? They are accessible to everyone, for free in the streets. A few of them though. Of course, only in Paris!

Join us to know more about these and other stories! Check our tours and reserve. We are Paris by Martin and we are your key to Paris. We are the Paris you are looking for!

The Sun King : most exceptional ruler

The most remarkable monarch in the history of France is, without doubts Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Sun King exceptional gardens history
The Sun King exceptional gardens

He was so ambitious that he conquered many territories. Also, he was worried about his homeless handicap soldiers in Paris. Therefore, he decided to build up the “Hôtel des Invalides” (a hospital for disable soldiers).

He was so concerned about his public image. Then he designed his own propaganda as the “Sun King”. Consequently, illuminating Europe with his knowledge and culture together with iconic characters such as Moliere and La Fontaine.

He felt so short that he invented for himself some kind of high heels to be taller. Then, he forbade their use for the rest of mortals. He was the tallest!

A conquests king, a culture king, a fashion king. Was not the Sun King the best king ever in the history of France?

The Sun King monarch and the Hotel of Invalides

hotel of Invalides Sun King Louis XIV exceptional monarch
Hotel des Invalides – Sun King e-bike tour

The story tells that Louis XIV found himself walking around Paris with his royal guards. Then, he found plenty of homeless handicap veteran soldiers of his army. Hi shock was instantaneous. How this could happen under the most exceptional reign? Not, under his all mighty and shining sovereignty.

So, right away he ordered the construction of Hotel des Invalides (Building for Handicap People = Hospital). He wanted a place for them to sleep. Where they can have also food and get healed of their wounds of war.

At this point, we have to clarify that the “hotel” word in the old French means building. Thus, does not mean “a hotel” as we know nowadays. Accordingly, private property hotels were called “Hotel Particuliers” for instance. Furthermore, Hotel de Ville is not “the hotel of the city”. Is the building of the city (City Hall). Further, Hotel de Police means and meant police station. Not a hotel for policemen. Maybe a sort of bad quality hotel for criminals. HA!

The “unprecedented” Versailles, the Sun King master piece?

the Sun King the most exceptional gardens of history chateau de versailles
The Sun King – Versailles Gardens

Really? Precedented or unprecedented. Just an act of jealousy? Loads of anecdotes, secrets and charming edge stories about the legacy of the most extraordinary ruler in the history of France: Louis XIV. “The Sun King”.

You want to know more about Invalides, Versailles? How this majesty is related to the first restaurant (and running nowadays) ever opened in Paris and many more fun details? Allows us to build up and bring back this amazing character in human history to you.

Paris by Martin will lead you over stunning spots and over centuries of tales. We are your key to Paris; we are the Paris you are looking for! Check our tours and reserve.

What about the Best Baguettes of Paris

Is the 18th neighborhood “the Mecca” for the best Baguettes of Paris? Every year the city of Paris held a biggest bakers city contest for the best baguette of the year. It is the most demanding event of this nature in the world. All about this contest in this article.

all about the best baguettes of Paris bread
Baguettes Contest of Paris

Every year around March, hundreds of boulangeries (bakeries) take part in a competition, for an award of 4,000 euros. Also, to become the official baguette supplier to the Elysée Palace (the house of the French president) with a daily delivery of baguettes for one year.

As a fan of NCAA basketball, I like to call this moment “the March Madness of Bread in Paris”. I just love it!

The results are normally published between the end of March and the beginning of April.

The requirements to compete for the best baguettes of Paris award

The participants have to reach the weight and length criteria in their baguettes to compete. The baguette has to be between 55cm and 65cm long. It has to weigh between 250g and 300g.

We know that of these passioned, courageous bakers do not sleep for days. They try to accomplish perfection. One more step closer to the Olympus of bakers Gods. The want the glory, their name in the books of history. Immortality.

Who chooses the winner of the best baguettes of Paris?

The jury is composed of six volunteers, bakers (including the winner of last year’s title), food industry professionals and journalists. They judged on taste, aroma and appearance.

Therefore, is not possible to win the competition two years in a row. Only one bakery achieved to win this competition twice in 2010 & 2015. We are talking about “Le Grenier à Pain” bakery. The baker, Djibril Bodian at 38 rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris. In the Montmartre area close to the Abbesses metro station and the “I love you” wall. Check them out at: le Grenier à Pain.

Personal critics to the 2 times Paris champion of baguettes

all about the best baguettes of Paris bread
Baguette Critics

In my several visits to this bakery trying to get the two times champion baguette it was a bit of a disappointment. Whenever you go there, you should ask for a warm, right out of the oven, just made baguette champion.

If you do not success to get this, you will get a chewie non fresh one. Almost every time there. That one, is not even in my top 500 baguettes. I think they may just get asleep in their glory days and their day to day marketing products are far from delivering the promise land. It is just a pity!

Nearby you have other “one time” champions of baguettes which are more service oriented. For instance, 2011 winner Pascal Barillon at his “Au Levain d´Anton” nearby at 6 rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris. There are also other one-time champions in this area. Make the test all around yourself and get you own conclusions.

Why these many winners in the 18th? Montmartre the paradise of baguettes in Paris?

In these more than twenty years (closer to 30 years) of baguette battling, the 18th neighborhood is the one with most wins. Just to clarify, do not imaging a “pillow like” fight. I have to clarify this to every single kid I welcome in my tours, even though we may all want to see that one once in our lives.

We may say then that Montmartre is still the Paradise or Mecca of baguettes. Even though in the last years is not the north, but the south of Paris that got the award several times.

Montmartre Mecca of Baguettes

Why the north is so different and why that many wins. We do not know for sure, someone said a magic baguettes formula was spread out on the area, maybe the water, no one knows for sure. The magic is intact.

As most of the most iconic cities in the world history, Paris was also built up over seven hills. Montmartre maybe the most mysterious legendary of them all. Maybe that mystic touch, the rocky guts of the mount…

Best bread in Paris nowadays

Paris by Martin picnic baguettes

The old school natural with a young modern breeze fresh crew. The non-industrial processed materials. The meticulous dedication in the making are the new best off this yummy bread wave. This new world, stranger to the official baguette contest are a different hall of fame league waiting to be discovered. As the Portland Mavericks in the baseball matter, the love of bread for the love of bread and nothing else. Simple and beautiful.

According to my personal experience Paris is in constant evolution. There is a brand new generation of bread artisans rocking the whole house out my friends! Healthy, yummy, with passion, with care, details, what else! Nesp…nop!

Check some addresses: Circus, Le Chardon, among other great examples.

How can Paris by Martin help you find them?

If you want to have complete list of advices with loads of good addresses, baguettes champions, independent off the beaten track super heros of bread, not known to official competitions, join us.

We Love to mix highlights and off the beaten path in our experiences. We love to discover the hidden side of the most celebrated monuments. Doing all from scratch is a key decision to do it right.

Paris by Martin helps you to take the best of Paris during your whole stay in the city. We are your key to Paris. We are the Paris you are looking for… Check our Tours and reserve.

The history of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path

The alternative “Thou Shalt Not Call a Pig […]” Napoleon Bonaparte tale

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten track. Some facts and other fun anecdotes details. Among a lot of wise and non-wise things, Bonaparte once said: “There are so many laws, that no one is safe from hanging”.

The history of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path
Bonaparte´s facts

He believed that the best way to manage any government is to produce as many laws as he could. Therefore no one was sure, if what they were about to do, was against the law or not. A very clear Machiavellian way of doing things.

And no sooner said (maybe revealing the real little purpose of all this mess), than done he dictated the law that prohibited people naming their pigs after him.

In the other side of the canal, at his most classic enemy´s land, things were quite the opposite. In England since then, most of pigs were named, Napoleon.

Time passed by and no one ever changed nor deleted that law in France. That would be still technically illegal. But nowadays you are not going to be in serious trouble if you break that one. This is part of the alternative story of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Besides Napoleon Bonaparte edge story, how about a Coco Chanel?

side B history
Side B tales

As well as Napoleon Bonaparte, Coco Chanel had huge impact in Paris history. In fact, the whole world has witnessed her print. She has also an off the beaten path side of her own tale.

Long trousers were not an option for ladies until WWII. In fact, they were forbidden. Pants come from the Celtic culture (about 2600 years ago). Although historians think the name comes from a doctor and Martyr called St Pataleon from Venice on the 4th century.

Amelia Bloomer was then the first woman that tried to make trousers accessible for women.

In fact, we owe the widespread use of pants for ladies, to the only and unique Coco Chanel. Not Napoleon Bonaparte in this matter.

The use of trousers for ladies, had a shy beginning towards the war period, but only for work purposes. It was not until Coco Chanel, that pants were consider as a fashion accessory. It was then, widespread to al social classes. Later became a basic, must have item in ladies´ wardrobes.

More fun peculiar side B tales?

The History of Napoleon Bonaparte off the beaten path
Napoleon´s pig

Do you want to know how special is the city of Paris? Do you want to know those fun anecdotes that show those charming secrets? In Paris, coquetry could be more important than the all mighty law book itself. Do you want to know more about this?

Find the key to this Paris door with us: Paris by Martin & Friends, your friend in town. Check our Tours and reserve. We are the Paris you are looking for!

Original boutiques in Paris: a local case with Paris by Martin

The case of “Tombées du Camion” store

This is a city where you can find big design stores, but also cute little boutiques. Those are my favorite Shops in Paris. This is where the concept, is the key factor. “Tombées du Camion” is a shop in Montmartre, where the objects have high sentimental value, but little monetary value. Experiencing a case of a local authenticity with Paris by Martin.

local concept boutique item Paris by Martin local
local concept boutique items – Paris by Martin

You can find there forgotten things, accessories, jewelry, toys, threads, medicine bottles. Also remaining stocks of “new things” from old factories, that were never sold.

This is an original store that hides secrets and allows its visitors to discover new (old) stories. Exactly what Paris by Martin does.

Join us in order to explore some more of those very special spots in Paris.

Where you could find this concept shop?

Just in case you want to check them out on your own: Tombées du Camion, 17 Joseph de Maistre, 75018, Paris.

Check their website before you pay them a visit, cause their spots can change. They also have other places. Go to: Tombées du Camion.

How do we start with our Paris little local authentic shops exploration?

Paris is changing constantly. The local and international contexts affect the city dynamics. However, Paris remain Paris, as well as their different neighborhoods.

The best advice we can give is to avoid main streets. That is where most tourists´ traps are. Overpaying for bad quality is never a good deal. Maybe 90% of the shop you find in main avenues are touristic. Therefore, non-local, non-authentic, non-original Shops in Paris.

The key is to be curious and to “get lost”. Follow your feelings. If you like a street or you find an open door into a court yard, go for it! That is how you find treasures.

How Paris by Martin can help you in these and other matters?

We are much more than a tour company. We are that friend you will need in a foreign city. Of course, most of companies in Paris sell “we are you friend” but we are maybe the only ones that can prove it.

Our main goal in life is to do something we love. Also, and mainly to make people happy, make new friends and turn you all into Parisian “beasts”.

Our guys are the best out there. We love to see you out there being just fantastic on your own, after your tour with us. Riding the city, building you own relationship with this town.

Paris by Martin – A life time concept*

This is, what is all about for us. Not just giving a tour. Is giving you something you can carry and you can use the rest of your life. Is also of being part of something bigger.

We will be always there* (Check our policies*). Whenever you come back. Check our concept page, our tours, and reserve.

Flea Markets of Paris: how to approach them

Why flea markets, antiques, memorabilia, antiques are a clear path to understand?

old lamp marche saint ouen
vintage industrial look

Flea markets and antiques markets offer a great opportunity to dive in Paris history and the understanding of the city. In conclusion, a great place to start.

Maybe we don’t realize that a lot of abandoned and old objects hide the soul of this tale called Paris. Maybe by finding thousands of them, we are not even looking at the very little peak of the iceberg.

We say that Paris cannot only be discovered through the usual common spots, places and traditional food and souvenir. However, LITTLE (but BIG in spirit) stories and things, made also the Paris that we are looking for.
In short, curiosity DID NOT kill the cat in Paris. Moreover, it showed him those forgotten treasures.

For instance, throurgh an old job now disappeared, or an old expression that make no sense nowadays, an old guy, once a celebrity in his own neighborhood in the 40´s, but never shown in the official story books of Paris. What a great environment to find a special souvenir of Paris, a special something that carries a piece of the city of Paris and you own story in the city. Your own special relationship with this wonderful place. So, why don´t we bring them back and get the best version ever, that Paris can offer us.

Relic anecdotes by the antique markets: “Fishing the Moon”

So why don’t we start with the legendary Parisian “Fishermen of the moon”? Those rag and bone men who used to walk the streets at night looking for valuable things in the garbage.

In the very beginning, they only had temporary stalls around the walls of Paris. Nowadays, they have some special spots to make them come back alive. Places where time is not relevant, where the FORGOTTEN, becomes the most popular, where new is empty, with no value. Memories, token, relic, souvenir, memorabilia are the way.

In some of those special antiques markets of Paris, markets of hidden great stories, thousands of sleeping objects wait to be discovered. Those that have much more value, than the value of money. Those with stories worth telling. Come with us, we will tell you about the flea markets Paris.

We like to think that once, at the very beginning, a Fisherman of the Moon, somehow, found Paris by Martin during one of those endless searching nights. We could be then, your secret open door to this magic city of lights. The door that brings you, those forgotten characters, the charming soul of Paris.

Some links you may want to explore:

Marche Aux Puces – ST Ouen (the biggest flea / antiques market). Market filled with great stuff in great condition.

Marche de Vanves – Porte de Vanves. My second favorite, where we can find and purchase thing with less budget. This is a spot where most of things will need some work afterwards, therefore the rates.

Discover more spots, get advice with Paris by Martin, best local tour host of Paris.

Paris open to you like never before, not only in flea markets

Find the key to this Paris door with us: Paris by Martin & Friends, your friend in town.  Check our Tours and reserve! We are the Paris you are looking for…