Cute little shops Paris – “Fallen from a truck”

April 8, 2014  |  Advice of the week


April 2014

Cute little shops Paris

In Paris you can find big design stores, but also cute little shops and boutiques where the concept is the big thing they offer: “Tombées du Camion” is a shop in Montmartre where the objects have high sentimental value but little monetary value, they are forgotten things, accessories, jewelry, toys, threads, medicine bottles, remaining stocks of “new things” from old factories, that were never sold. This is an original store that hides secrets and allows its visitors to discover new stories…exactly what Paris by Martin does…

Join us in order to explore those cute little shops Paris.

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Tombées du Camion, 17 Joseph de Maistre, 75018

Best Baguettes Paris – 18th neighbourhood “the Mecca” for Baguettes?

November 28, 2012  |  Advice of the week


November, 2012

Best Baguettes Paris

Is the 18th neighbourhood “the Mecca” for Baguettes?


Best baguettes Paris – Paris by Martin (illustration: Vanesa Galiano)

Every year the city of Paris held a biggest bakers contest for the best baguette of the year. Hundreds of Boulangeries (bakeries) take part for an award of 4,000 euros and to become the official baguette supplier to the Elysée Palace (the house of the French president) with a daily delivery of 15 baguettes. This year (2012) , the 18th edition of this contest gathered 168 bakers . 124 participants reached the weight and length criteria in their baguettes to compete (between 55cm and 65cm long, and must weigh between 250g and 300g). The jury is composed of six volunteers, bakers (including the winner of last year’s title), food industry professionals and journalists. They judged on taste, aroma and appearance. Last year´s edition (2011) was won by Pascal Barillon’s Au Levain d’Antan, If you want this year best baguette look for Sébastien Mauvieux of the Boulangerie Mauvieux (159 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris) On the 18th edition the 18th neighbourhood wins for the 3rd consecutive time and the 5th time in 6 years. It is another Parisian riddle and a strong trace to look for the best baguettes to come in future editions. Join us in Paris by Martin to try some of the best baguettes in town and a lot more!

Paris by Martin helps you to take the best of Paris during your whole stay in the city. 

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Good coffee in Paris? A proper “coup of Joe” is now possible!

November 27, 2012  |  Advice of the week

October, 2012 

Where to find good coffee in Paris?

Discovered by goats in Ethiopia, declared illegal 3 times in history, approved by Pope Clement VIII, “not having enough” the only good legal cause for a divorce, “a sweet one” for a yes in a marriage proposal and a salty for a no, the “Irish version” invented to warm up cold American plane passengers leaving from Ireland, Americano or a “ Coup of Joe” for the 2nd World War, a name due to its similarity in colour to the robes of an order of Monks, a “Tea Party” where the new nation gained its strong allegiance to this another drink just to face the enemy, regulated by the Italian government, the most expensive version is a product of an animal digestion, an opera wrote by Bach…and many funny and interesting facts behind one of the most preferred drinks in the world….coffee.

Even when the world most powerful businesses started life as coffee houses, even when a Parisian coffeehouse was said to have been the root of the intellectualism that led to the French Revolution, Paris is not recognized to be one the best places for sitting and cipping coffee (Viena, Amsterdam, Rome, Melburne, Wellington, Buenos Aires, Seattle). Despite these facts, a new coffee trendy era is arriving to Paris that may put Paris in this world ranking someday in the near future. So yes, good coffee in Paris is possible! If you are a coffee lover do not miss: Kooka Boora Bal Café Cafeothequeé Lomi – among some other few. If you are lucky you may see some of the “JUS DE CHAUSSETTES” independent baristas competition. 

Paris by Martin helps you to take the best of Paris during your whole stay in the city.    

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Tea Lovers in Paris – The biggest “tea bank” in Europe

November 27, 2012  |  Advice of the week

September, 2012 

Tea Lovers in Paris

There are maybe 4 or 5 recognized big masters of Tea in the entire world. Among this exclusive group only one is a woman. She has travelled to extreme environments all around the planet to get the best tea ever, from high mountain areas, to unreachable deep spots in exotic rainforests… This Lady is Madame Tseng and she is based in Paris. She has the biggest “Tea Bank” in Europe (at least) in her “Maison des Trois Thés”. Did you know that the most expensive tea is far more expensive then the most expensive coffee? Did you know that there are millenary teas that could cost more than a million euros? For beginners, for experts…an exotic universe to discover in Paris. A must for tea lovers in Paris!

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Simplicity, complexity, the French cuisine secret in your hands

August 6, 2012  |  Advice of the week

1st week of August.

In the very heart of Paris we can find one of the best kept original secrets of the French gastronomy. The place is called Le Soufflé and every single dish there is a Soufflé. Starter, main dish, desert…sweet, salty… so simple, so complex and extremely creative. Visit:

Do not miss this place. Paris by Martin helps you to build your relationship with Paris and to turn it unique and unforgettable.