Best restaurants in Paris episode 1

Restaurants: a wide variety for every taste

In Paris you do not need to get necessarily fancy to access the best restaurants in Paris. Further, you do not need to get a Michelin star one to make it. In brief, there is a wide variety of options from classics, local traditional bistros and brasseries, family biz restaurant, modern cuisine, award restaurant, among other categories. This is episode 1.

Best restaurants tips with Paris by Martin

A classic dish, a classic restaurant

Let´s talk about a classic: le Soufflé. This word means “breath” in French. It had a widespread acceptance as a delicacy by nobles and the royalty since Louis IV, the Sun King. Therefore, this is one the classic elementary basic dishes in French traditional cuisine.

The Soufflé is a simple dish but very hard to achieve. Hence, you will see at home. When to take it from the oven, it goes down quite quickly. Gone! So, now let me tell you where you can get those amazing balloons Soufflés that never give up. HA!

The iconic Le Soufflé restaurant

In this very first post I would like to talk a very special addressee. In the very heart of Paris, we can find one of the best kept original secrets of the French gastronomy. The place is called Le Soufflé and almost every single dish there is a Soufflé.

Starter, main dish, desert…sweet, salty… so simple, so complex and extremely creative. Visit: Le Souffle. You need to reserve there. It is a very local popular spot for both locals and travelers.

Some good tips for Soufflé restaurant

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A piece of advice, do not ask to share cause a double size soufflé will come to you. That soufflé will cost double. So, no bargain there. Do not go for a first step, just get main dish and desert. That will be more than enough my friends!

If I were you, I would go for 1 savory soufflé as a main dish a 1 sweet desert souffle each. You can all choose different ones and then pass it to your co-eaters to get the wider degustation.

Do not lose the Roquefort with pears one or the raspberry one with white chocolate heart, yummmmmmyeyeyeye!

The service will be slow cause everything is fresh and done real time, so will have to order everything at the very beginning. Briefly, one shot order.

The Soufflé restaurant feedback

Is not fancy. Is not expensive nor cheap, hence is just the right amount of this classic simple fresh great addressee. In brief, I have been in this place thousands of times. With journalists, with clients / friends (cause most of our clients become friends). I been there with all sorts of people from different cultures and nationalities. Guess what, everyone likes Le Soufflé. Is one of my greatest play safe options. Enjoy it!

A Plan B for a soufflé restaurant?

If you are looking for a more sophisticated spot. Moreover, if you appreciate some privacy Le Recamier may be the best plan B you can get. Also, it could be a plan A if you like fancier.

Many celebrities and politicians prefer this addressee because of these characteristics. Also, because their souffles are top notch. If I were you, I will go for the lobster soufflé. for the desert, the salted caramel one is the winner! In a word, check them out at Le Recamier.

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