All you need to know about water in Paris

Water of Paris throughout history

One of my favorite sayings on this drinking matter: “The running water of Paris worth drinking a good tea”. Let´s dive into all you may need to know about water in Paris.

Is tap water in Paris safe to drink? A general accepted fact. In addition to this, tap water in Paris has very special qualities. Also, it is commonly accepted that we talk about very good water.

Water in Paris River Seine floods
Pont Neuf former spot of La Samaritaine Water Pomp 1604 in Paris – Seine River

Water is one the main characters, a key element of Parisian history. The city has witnessed many historic floods. One of them, the worst of all, turned Paris into Venice back in 1910. However, the Seine river was surprisingly almost dry right before that happened.

How about the left bank swamps forgotten after medieval times? Furthermore, how about those iconic buildings built up partially floating since the XIX century.

Uncountable facts, anecdotes, tales, stories connected to this essential key element. Consequently, Paris has its own very close relationship with water throughout time. In a word, what I call, the Paris “water print” episodes.

Tap water in Paris, safe to drink?

Yes, Paris has one of the most quality water networks among the main cities in the world. In brief, if you have doubts about the tap water about your hotel or your rental apartment, you can go for it. That is what the water and local authorities says and what. So, we, the Parisians trust and do with no health risks. So far, so good!

Paris water fountains and natural water sources

Water for tea in Paris
Best water for the best tea

Paris keeps a few natural water sources in some specific spots along the city. Some of them are witnesses of hundreds of visitors passing by without being noticed even though they are accessible to general public.

Among this universe of stories, spoken by a few. Almost a secret state affaire. They say, that every day, the Embassy of Great Britain sends someone out to get some water from one of this accessible but unknown sources nearby their palace.

Of course! The best tea deserves the best water we can get! On the other side, Paris offers more than 1,200 water fountains spread-out-all-over Paris. Check them out!

Peculiar Parisian water facts

Did you know that Paris offers just a handful of sparkling water fountains? They are accessible to everyone, for free in the streets. A few of them though. Of course, only in Paris!

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