Good coffee in Paris? A proper “coup of Joe” is now possible!

November 27, 2012  |  Advice of the week

October, 2012 

Where to find good coffee in Paris?

Discovered by goats in Ethiopia, declared illegal 3 times in history, approved by Pope Clement VIII, “not having enough” the only good legal cause for a divorce, “a sweet one” for a yes in a marriage proposal and a salty for a no, the “Irish version” invented to warm up cold American plane passengers leaving from Ireland, Americano or a “ Coup of Joe” for the 2nd World War, a name due to its similarity in colour to the robes of an order of Monks, a “Tea Party” where the new nation gained its strong allegiance to this another drink just to face the enemy, regulated by the Italian government, the most expensive version is a product of an animal digestion, an opera wrote by Bach…and many funny and interesting facts behind one of the most preferred drinks in the world….coffee.

Even when the world most powerful businesses started life as coffee houses, even when a Parisian coffeehouse was said to have been the root of the intellectualism that led to the French Revolution, Paris is not recognized to be one the best places for sitting and cipping coffee (Viena, Amsterdam, Rome, Melburne, Wellington, Buenos Aires, Seattle). Despite these facts, a new coffee trendy era is arriving to Paris that may put Paris in this world ranking someday in the near future. So yes, good coffee in Paris is possible! If you are a coffee lover do not miss: Kooka Boora Bal Café Cafeothequeé Lomi – among some other few. If you are lucky you may see some of the “JUS DE CHAUSSETTES” independent baristas competition. 

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