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I am your friend in Paris
Meet your friend in Paris - Paris by Martin

Martin Muda

I am dreamer by nature. I have been living in Paris for years now, I am a musician and an entrepreneur (in some way), a storyteller and art lover. I love making make new friends and sharing my findings about the history of Paris and its hidden stories after years of research and digging alongside historians and passionate friends. Sharing and tasting those hidden secrets and meeting people is part of one of my biggest dreams ever. Welcome to my dream, maybe your dream is just around the corner. I am your friend in Paris. Welcome to Paris by Martin!


Pepe is an independent entrepreneur and collaborates with Paris by Martin. He is a writer, a novelist, an art and a history lover. He is passionate for telling the stories as offering an interpretation. Pepe is a perfectionist on little details and there is no one like him to transport us through history. He has an extraordinary and a matchless sensitivity for the aesthetic and good taste…but above all, he is a very good friend!


Claudia is also an independent entrepreneur and collaborates with Paris By Martin. She is a talented photographer, she is a passionate for restaurants, wine, art, perfection and details. There is nothing she cannot find and what ever she touches is even better. Her own mark can be seen all over our experiences. The most important thing, is that she is a very good friend.

Introducing you to our spiritual board at Paris by Martin…



He was a military officer, a decorated officer. He has got the title of emperor of France (buy his own decision). With a compact and economical height he was   owner of a limitless pride. He is one of the habitual presences in Paris by Martin. Called “Napo” by his friends, he joins us regularly in every adventure since the very beginning.


Coco Chanel

She is a lady with class and a strong character. She is fully devoted to the fashion world but above all to revolution that world. She is such a workaholic woman that she cannot be seen very often in our adventures but… when she does show up, she leaves a trail of class, glamour and hierarchy. Merci Coco!


He was one of the greatest artists that have lived in Paris. He is also a habitual presence and a relevant part of Paris by Martin. He loves to promenade with us and he always wears the same striped t-shirt. He has left a deep footprint in Paris. We reprint and arouse that footprint with our own steps in our experiences. He is simply a classic in our walks.

The Phantom of the Opera

He is a shy kind participant. He is a very talented musician and he reveals himself to us regularly. Called “Casper” by his most close friends, he is also the employee of the month at Paris by Martin thanks to his full time dedication. He also works at Opéra Garnier, or at least…is what people say.

The Three Musketeers

They are regular members of our team at Paris by Martin. They do not have any originality (they are all the time dressed the same way) they are really respected and beloved by their colleagues due to their team spirit and their eagerness to justice. Someone called “Richelieu” fired them so they work for us now.

Victor Hugo and Quasimodo “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

They are an inseparable duet and regular participants at Paris by Martin. Quasimodo has very bad posture and he still works to improve it. He is therefore not allow to do tasks that require an important effort. Victor “is simply a talented literary master”. He is the one in charge of the Paris by Martin´s script…a very complex task (Pepe corrects his spelling mistakes regularly).


The list of our famous and fogotten characters of Paris is endless…bring them alive with us!

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